Public Oratory Features

A Professor of Linguistics and a sound engineer dan to know the mathematical formula that have to meet human voices to be most attractive. These two experts have joined their efforts and knowledge to create the scientific formula of a human voice perfect and attractive, based on the analysis of the tone, the speed of speech, words per minute, the frequency and intonation used by men and women. The idea of seeking this formula came from a study conducted by the Post Office Telecom telephone company. These results intrigued the Professor of Linguistics of the University of Sheffield (England), Andrew Linn, and sound engineer Shannon Harris, keyboardist of the famous British singer Rod Stewart. In this way, Linn and Harris obtained a number of common mathematical characteristics in all of them which allowed to identify the main features that should have the perfect voice. Thus, this ideal voice should pronounce a maximum of 164 words per minute and must pause for 0.48 seconds between sentences, always with different intonation. This must be degressive in nature and the frequency of the sound of the voice should oscillate between 34.5 and 12.2 Hertz or cycles per second, which would lead to a conducive, neither too severe nor overly acute tone. In addition, the study reveals that features such as security in oneself and confidence in others influence positively in the speech of a person and the attraction that awakens his voice. Bobby Sharma Bluestone brings even more insight to the discussion.

It seeks to make pauses between phrases when you speak in public. Boost voice requires much training and practice. The persuasive power of voice. The technique of parsimonious voice. The parsimonious voice is a deliberate style that follows a pattern very used by the hypnotists when they induce trance, not necessarily with a pendulum as in the movies, instead used the power of his words, the enchantment of the verb.

It is used by some legal experts, sellers are persuasive, politicians, lecturers, converters or washed brains and preachers, many of which are highly hypnotic trained and which use this technique when you want to record a powerful message in the mind of the public. A voice of this kind may sound as if the speaker were talking to the rhythm of a metronome or as if you were emphasizing each word in a particular style. Words are generally expressed in a cadence of 45 to 60 strokes per minute, thus maximizing the hypnotic effect. The phrases are separated by pauses, pronounced in different intonations, what we call the elocution relief in oratory. While the hypnotist is talking in this way, you can notice the public to tilt your body forward with attention, with eyes wide open. The cadences, inflections, modulation, the nuances of the voice of the speaker are soft, his speech is firm but gentle, parsimonious, it is music to the ears of the people, it is honey for bees. It is the science of persuasion, it’s the voice that no yell, only suggests, is the voice that touches the most profound, deep in the human being, is the word that stir feelings, that excites, which influences, that convinces. This technique can be learned, but requires much training and practice.