Pupil Preconception

Not obstante, she is necessary to be cliente and to understand its especificidades in the scope of the reality, the necessity to admit the interaction of the differences between the individuals when the experience to coexist in constant contact ones the others is extended and surpassed in the social field, the experience that this convivncia provides since that if they respect the differences being able this being of any origin is of extreme importance for the growth of the pupil. All the conceptions that guide the special education become if pertinent for knowing that the representations of these individuals generate different vises in the agreement and understanding, where if establish interactions between pupils in the interior of the school, however, the reality is completely contradictory other the school. The formation over all is made possible by practical the pedagogical pertaining to school, although the found precarious conditions today mainly in the schools you publish, however, it is in this space that the aiding meets to act, exactly in precarious conditions. The preconception is before everything an ignorant preconception of that they do not have basic notion of as it will deal with this question, this is interlaced in the teaching formation. The social rights in this point if become relative where the children if they become concerns for the educators and these in turn are not trained to take care of only necessities, exactly each pupil being owner of a specific capacity being carrying it or not of specific necessities. To defend of the preconception the pupil it develops in defensive way some subjective feelings as the attempt of if annulling of that if it passes to its redor, in the attempt to in general prevent bigger sufferings caused by the preconception of the society, however, is not whenever they obtain to prevent a painful adaptation, since they are always whom they need to adapt itself to the system. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi.