Rainer Bogdanski Ross

Speaking of: So to design a winning postcard fun no doubt but also time consuming. Time, that certainly not everyone has. But also out of this predicament Rainer Bogdanski escapes his customers: by content graded winner packages with ready-made winner – postcards, also waiting for dream price-Abraumer tomorrow see which. While he represents its clients before the sweet agony of choice: the Beginner package includes ten postcards made after my secret knowledge, which I fully and regularly send each customer home individually. Along with my magazine, which gives him a concise selection of attractive and serious games of course with the correct answers to the relevant questions of the price. My customers need only fill out the cards, Frank, and timely send.

It couldn’t be easier. Really not? But: in the plus version, my clients get even in the form of pre-franked postcards. While we find of course particularly profitable stamps wisely. And because here too the principle much brings much attacks, Rainer Bogdanski expands its packets in simple as well as in the prepaid plus version on 20, 30 or even 60 postcards on each parked on top current sweepstakes with attractive prices. In other words: others do the really hard work. While the further to do future sweepstakes-King or the future sweepstakes-Konigin to send the cards according to the recommendations to the deadline and to pursue, in a discipline that all Lottery Kings have in common: stamina. Rainer Bogdanski knows what prevented most Sweepstakes winners have failed: who have given up too soon. Some weeks or even months patience are in the start-up phase.

But then, the postman will present the first prize notifications and this triumph more than outweighs the initial wait.