Russian Travel

Possible causes for the waiver in the delivery of shengen Russian visa can be many. Consider only the most frequently found. 1. If Russian and was once one of the countries of Western Europe and was caught with his hands in masses at the time of the theft of anything from the store, any action or other criminals, and after this case can never back to travel in that country but also in many other European Union countries. Regarding any case (even if the alien had stolen from the room of the supermarket habitual chewing gum in his pocket).

2. If the monthly salary of tourists who intend to surrender tourist visa does not match the criteria established by the rules of the consulate of the country, which receive the tourist visa (his salary is lower). This criterion is determined for each case individually and depends on the price of the trip, if you are the tourist alone or along with it goes another family member or someone you know, who has no steady income (he is unemployed or is the pensioner) . Second If the tourist is also a sponsor of other traveling companion and the criterion of minimum monthly earnings can be increased in some times. We cite the example: in the journey that took 10 days to Scandinavia at the price 600 euros for each person, which is basic Norway headquarters, leaving three people, one of which is the sponsor of another. In this case the formalization of Schengen visas is done by the embassy (consulate) of Norway as the sponsor must obtain monthly earnings at least 15 000 rubles per month. Otherwise Simel Russian tourists want to travel to other Western European paicas (eg for Switzerland) requirements for Russian tourists that get the visa of this country will be harder, the presence of the minimum amount of money (available or through accounts) about 1000 euros each, for example. 3.

Is subject to prosecution. You may want to visit Columbia Admissions to increase your knowledge. (In this case considers the case of the choice for you the better measure of suppression). This point does not need comments. 4. We have suspected that you had to Tourist travel purchased only for immigration to another country with the aim of improving welfare. We assume, in Russia were no relatives or all of your relatives goes along with you as if they were tourists. Yes, yes, they can easily find out, because it close to filling the questionnaire for submission of visa you need to target their relatives who remain in Russia. By the way many Russian tourists try to have good luck so, leaving the tourist group in one of the countries of Western Europe, hoping to get the work visa and residence for the last. However, in most cases they fail and be deported back. This is clear: the employer is easier to formalize the work permit to foreigners from countries bordering Sheng (eg Poles), because they do not have to complete a Schengen visa, in addition to that and those are paicas high unemployment and without them. In this circumstance can further hamper entry into the Schengen states. These are most principal causes of the resignation of delivery of the Russian tourist visa. Regard to. I guess that the reasons for the resignation of the delivery of the visa to an alien for entry to Russia are similar.