Saudi Arabia

This aggravates the situation because of hitting the target, could result in nuclear reaction in Israeli plants, causing the immediate reaction of this country with a nuclear replication, this may be the trigger for a third world war. Presumably, Iran would also attack U.S. ships that ply the Persian Gulf constantly, and the oil complex in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, it could cause a supply problem of unexpected proportions. In turn, the bombings could also involve the virtual end of NATO as a viable defense organization, imposing definitive separation between Washington and Europe, we must remember that many members are opposed to a preemptive strike. Regional aspect: We must not forget Russia, which feels that the U.S.

is interfering in its area of influence, just as the Russian population has a strong resentment against the United States, whom they see as responsible for fall and where the military pressure the government not to yield to the claims U.S. should not forget that the Russian nuclear arsenal is not negligible, and far exceeds the 2,800 of known nuclear warheads, something that will surely be cause for reflection before making a decision to attack Iran. Moreover, it could be that China opts for financial and military support to Iran, because this nation is its second supply sources for oil, after Saudi Arabia. China intends to pass through Iran, which buys natural gas in Turkmenistan, a conflict in the area goes against their interests, and do not forget that this country is called to be a counterweight to the U.S.