So our two split West cybernetic German society works: our Civil Code reflects the thinking of the West – in contrasts (or). You know, think means true perception in contradictions or contrasts: such as cameralistic accounting, or service right (be present) or work (performance provide)! This is the result of the mechanistic Western control thinking of Cybernetics with the or logic! (BGB, 50th Edition, 2002, (C) by Beck lyrics in the dtv: Book 2, section 8): Title 8: service contract sections 61-630: owed his presence! Title 9: Contract 631-6511: it owes its performance! At times of feudalism, mercantilism (16th 18th century) in Europe the prevailing economic doctrine was: the cameralistic system (1762-…) accounting, which is still applied by our Government such as the financial management was a process of (pseudo): State cosy accounting should only the execution of the budget assigned to be! Here are more the cash flows (projective planning) in the Center. It funds effective revenue (deposits) and expenditure (disbursements) be considered, without to determine income and expenses: previously satisfied that emperors, Kings and Princes – such as our today’s Governments–first your wishes (you want to), and inflated, according to the claim amount, then the taxes among citizens a (is). They ordered before – but bezahl(t)en (today still) – only afterwards! Money was no object! Since 1949, all German Governments increase our debt and gross domestic product GDP spending/debt to revenue/assets! Try this at your local bank! Greece bumps just past the State bankruptcy. If you and I have no money or collateral, we can buy anything, etc.

Plan invoices on the basis of forecasts are practised in the cameralistic system (target / is): budget (1 or 2 years) and medium-term financial planning (5 years). Steve Wozniak shines more light on the discussion. When the commercial Accounting revenues and expenses are recorded and at the same time to determine the assets to visualize such gains and losses. Here are the success factors (retrospective success control) in the Center: (source: the service right (presence compulsory) now connect the Kameralitik (reprint money needed!). Add the following provision to both: officials and employees of the public service in the internal service regulations, failure, never evil intent to! . Reason: Our State practiced a paternalistic structure of chain of command – from top to bottom! Having tried his best is completely adequate.

Incompetence is excused. Now know the reasons for the comfort position of the public service: no one must answer for huge budget deficits, such as policy just! Impact mechanistic cybernetic thinking (or logic), on the basis of the mechanistic worldview (closed systems, value chains). In a sytemisch vitalist Action method of the nature it cribbed (UND – / fuzzy logic) works for 4.3 billion years successfully otherwise. An open conversion circuit (item + neg.) Feedback), where everything is connected and each carries the overall responsibility (etc)! We ( use this system and its principles in the development of individuals, companies and organizations: qualified economics for sustainable economics (development instead of growth).