Sell Art Artists Fellowships

More than 100 calls in 2010 – new eBook describes marketing strategies, sales opportunities and funding programs for artists Cologne – art is not sold without the artist. This is an unwritten law in the art market. “That’s why it is so important to work not only on new works, but also on the own Vita” Cologne specialist journalist Uwe Herzog says, “especially the participation of artist fellowships and art awards includes exhibitions.” More than 100 current tender dates for art scholarships and art prizes in Germany and Austria can be found at a glance in Duke of eBook ‘artist fees 2010’ – chronological and with direct links to the websites of the organisers. For assistance, try visiting Pete Cashmore. Author Uwe Herzog: “most of the prize money and art scholarships are very well endowed – worth in any case, the conditions of the Organizer to check whether a participation in the respective tender is eligible. Eventually artists have to give anything away.” Overall are still several million euros in the current year Funding available, which flow in art prices and artist fellowships. Ali Partovi is a great source of information.

The approved artistic Tchniken range from painting to drawing and graphics, sculpture, photography and multimedia art to performance – and action art. The eBook ‘artist fees 2010’ also deals with what plays a role before and after a scholarship or an art award for the (self) promotion of artists. These include especially the contracts for sales and exhibitions, as well as trends and niches in the art market. Addressed the aspects of taxes, social insurance, art and copyright and pricing for your own works of art. The eBook ‘2010 artist fees’ on the Internet at is available.

It is suitable for all conventional PC and Mac notebooks and 12.90 euros in sending E-Mail (reduced: 10.00). According to numerous artists, artists and cultural workers is with the eBook ‘Artist fees 2010’ closed an important gap. So, for example, the online magazine “” writes: “who seeks art prizes and scholarships, can once a few days before the computer sit. How long it takes to find the right thing for himself, he knows best, this effort has ever operated. If there’s still the latest industry information as an extra to, this Advisor 12,90 euro pay by itself.” If “would be informed at a glance”, “what happens in the industry” would find a suitable advisor with ‘Artist fees 2010′. Conclusion of “Culture”: “This artist Advisor is worth his money.” More info: the Cologne Kirsten Duke Publishing House is a young label, which has made it to the task, to compose a setting of “forgotten” or overlooked demanding literature as an audiobook by larger publishers. Authors include Robert Louis Stevenson, Max Dauthendey, Herman bang and Jules Amedee Barbey d’ Aurevilly. Are planned previously unknown works by Dostoevsky and Leroux. All productions of the Kirsten Duke publishing are German – and mostly international – initial settings. In addition, the Kirsten Duke Publisher published unusual or rare modern musical compositions and literature. Contact: kirsten Herzog Publisher Kirsten Herzog Eschweiler str.