Simple Syndication (RSS)

How RSS really pay off … Have you heard of RSS (Really Simple Syndication)? Did you know you can syndicate the news from your website? You’ve probably seen some orange buttons around the web with the letters “RSS” on them. They allow other websites to link to the news with a click. Simple. Union. Vale. Now, you know about Really Simple Syndication … but where is the reward? Let’s look at the RSS feeds so you can pay for you. And pay, it does – when you use this emerging technology effectively.Now by “emerging technology”, which means it is relatively new, and people are still learning about it.

But the smart webmasters are already many “add” RSS feeds – pulling common topic of the channels together on their websites. And big players like Yahoo and Amazon are offering RSS solutions. You can “subscribe” to a selection of news feeds on your personalized start page of Yahoo, for example. Feed me… There is even a search engine just for RSS feeds, called, which currently offers over 4,645,164 feeds indexed and fully searchable. Last August, there was only a quarter of a million feeds. Feedster reports that around 5,000 new channels are added daily …. Someone is hungry. And this hunger for food is being fed by millions of “blog” websites that use automated “Content Management Systems” to turn off their news in RSS format. In, you can simply search through millions of them, or you can “subscribe” to which it feeds of your choice, creating a sort of customized electronic newspaper for yourself.