Skylink Modems

We offer telephones and modems Skylink for Moscow and Moscow region. until May 31, Bonus of up to 2500 rubles – you buy a modem from a list of Skylink – Airplus MCD-650, Axesstel MV110, AnyDATA ADU-300A, AnyDATA ADU-310A, AnyDATA ADU-500A, AnyDATA ADU-510A, AnyDATA ADU-520A, AnyDATA ape -540A, Huawei EC500, Ubiquam UM-300, Ubiquam UM-400, zte MG478, zte AC5710, CMOTech CNM-650, CMOTech CNM-680. At the conclusion of the contract Skylink Bonus credited to the account. More by phone 8 (499) 502-00-00 offer a range of modems from Skylink leaders – AnyDATA, Cmotech, Huawei, Ubiquam and zte Our experts will help select the right modem Skylink and economical plan. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. In case of need perform the installation and configuration of Supplies. There is a directional antenna Skylink to increase Internet speed. Installation of telephones. We offer a complete set – 'Bezimitny city' Includes – Wireless landline phone Skylink Ubiquam UF-300 and the tariff plan 'Unlimited city'. According to this tariff is available * Direct Moscow number in the code 495; * Unlimited calls to fixed telephones * 345 rubles a month (including VAT) * 1.5 rubles per minute for all mobile If you order bonus – fee for 1 month as a gift.