Smoke Detectors

Has a detection zone of "wide angle" the size of 15×15 m. To improve the detector is necessary to place it so that the alleged offender was moving across the ray diagram orientation. The detector used in the systems of apartments for intrusion detection in the protected space and the transmission of the penetration. Wireless magnetic sensor (reed switch). Used in burglar alarms apartments and serves to control the opening of doors or other functionally similar areas (window frames, vents, etc.). The sensor is mounted on a fixed portion of the wall, and a magnet mounted on the door (window frame, transom, etc.) at a distance of no more than 10 millimeters from the sensor when the door is closed, so that when you open the magnet was removed from the sensor. Wireless Smoke opto-electronic detector – smoke detector. Used for the fire alarm in the apartment for the detection of smoldering fires in the early stages of fire.

The detector uses a high-quality opto-electronic sensor system. When installing the detector on the walls, ceilings, columns, ceilings should be located not less than 0,1 m from the corner of a wall at a distance from 0,1 to 0,3 m from the ceiling (the ceiling), including the dimensions of the detector. It should also have the device with the deletion influence on his actions, not associated with fire, such as: mechanical damage, a large dust content, the penetration of small insects, etc. Wireless acoustic sensor glass break. The sensor detects the force effects on different types of glass. This sensor fix the sound of glass being destroyed only when a specific set of frequencies of breaking glass continued for a period of time. This possibility provides superior protection against false positives. The acoustic sensor is not normal building vibration and vibration caused by trains, planes and automobiles, dramatically reducing the possibility of false alarms.

At the same time, the detector immediately detects glass breaking even in rooms with constant vibration. The same applies to the alarm systems of apartments. Powerful two-wire dual tone siren loudness of 120 dB is used in alarm apartment for supplying powerful sound the alarm on the street and indoors. The sound of a siren can be heard at great distances and is analogous to signal a police siren. Recommendations for Installation: 1. mount the siren only for Plate – equipped with a siren connector to the base station set the fire alarm apartment 2. install a siren in a place where the most likely invasion of the offender (to cause panic among the criminal), but at the same time the sound of sirens should be heard around that can assist in providing security apartment in case of trouble. 3. not recommended install a siren near the control panel alarm apartment, so as not to sound location system control. Arming / disarming alarm apartment Production and disarming installed alarms in the apartment by using key fobs or phone. Remote keys have a unique identifiable code alarm system that provides protection against hacking, and management alarm from the phone you must enter the password. In conclusion, adding that the installation of alarm apartment alone afford even a person far removed from the system of apartments. Used wireless sensors eliminate the need for any electrical work has been installing alarm systems.