South Africa

The African blacks and other peoples of Africa had entered in commercial agreement with the European peoples, who I deal inclua it enslaved. For that time he was normal, an increase of the numbers of workers, therefore, it was not a racial question. No longer century XIX, when the Europeans had started to colonize Africa or black continent, was here at this time that really started racism. Because the idea of the blacks was created was an inferior race and with this thought, the European peoples empunharam its laws and its form of living, to the conquered peoples. Still in century XIX, the known case more was apartaide in South Africa, this descriminao appeared in the South Africa, that had created laws against the blacks who lived in that place.

1.2RENASCIMENTO With the technology advancing at that time, the Europe already in a great one was walked in direction to the economic conquest. Others who may share this opinion include Pete Cashmore. Its economy and its technology reached its apogee, this because the European inventions were gaining each time more prominence in the planet. Then it started appeared ace ideologies, that they looked to justify the European domain on other peoples. One of these ideas was supposed, the existence, in the Europe, of a superior race to others and that it was destined for God to govern and to dominate other races that were not European and that they were considered inferior. 1.3AMERNDIOS AND BLACKS In the American continent, with the institution of the church, brought for the European peoples, who had colonized the American continent and also had brought the ideology that the indians inhabitants of America were not human beings. yes animal and with this they believed that he was justified for God exploration of the indians, and then this exploration passed to be made with the blacks who had been brought of Africa for the Europeans, deal in it of workmanship hand, the escravismo.