Southeast Asian

One of the major errors grow? Sian enterprises manufacture? Lei PP – an attempt to reach the same production of the full range – both in class density, and volume production. Unfortunately, most often due to lack of proper funding, a deep study of marketing and market conditions, as a consequence,? eat concept of the planned reconstruction. Purchase single road? Yaschih position equipment does not give the desired effect either on volume nor the quality of the products, if in the same processing chain work and obsolescent machinery and technology. Any business, expected to continue and develop the production of PP, in must first define its market position in both series, and the level complexity of the product. If you are unable to complete the reconstruction of production in a short time, it is necessary to develop a single strategy for the long term and planned to implement that plan.

Is encouraging that in recent years there have been serious changes in the manufacturing industry production capacities of the PP. Now completely reconstructed or created several companies, some are planned reconstruction, or will start soon a new building or renovation of production. In conclusion, we offer consider our views on the prospects of time? development of Russian-made PCB. Our view is based on the fact that Southeast Asian countries are close to the peak of its export production capacity. The overriding objective PP industry of China is constantly evolving needs of UBC-rochnogo domestic production, which in future will be directed? Leno to satisfy the domestic market.

Also do not forget that even by Russian standards, 80% of China's population lives in poverty, and this – more than 1 billion people. Of course, China and Southeast Asia will remain the main producers of PP in large batches. However, the export share of medium and small-scale orders will tend to gradually decrease. On this basis, we can assume that the Russian PP industry, there are certain prospects. We believe that over the next five years, Russia has not changed only the volume but also the structure? round production of PP. Already there are production ready to fulfill orders for sredneseriynye boards at competitive prices from Southeast Asia and terms. As new or renovating existing domestic enterprises share of orders placed in the Southeast Asian countries, will gradually decrease and, correspondingly, the proportion of orders placed on the Russian domestic market will increase from year to year.