Spring Renovation Time – Achieve Sales Additional With ROKASAN!

Now renovated throughout. With roller shutter insulation ‘ROKASAN ‘ you can now take additional orders to land with minimal effort and increase your yield. Wertingen. Finally, the winter is over. Time to fix the damage to the House and to renovate. Time for the installer, to acquire jobs and earn good money with good work. It is of course for the craftsman advantage, if with little effort, more orders are given by the same customer. This means additional sales and earnings.

Ideally suited the ROKASAN roller shutter insulation here. For the builders a useful investment that is already paying off in the next winter. For the craft operating without much effort a good extra income. in the matter. You may want to visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone to increase your knowledge. The craftsman is the best partner of ROKASAN. That appreciate we ROKASAN and give it appropriate support. On the Internet page, ROKASAN offers many advantages, and great craftsmen discounts. Also, the craftsman gets here a lot Specialist information and advertising support.

Among other things the consumer will quickly find as its competent contact person on-site his partner artisans on this page. The cooperation with ROKASAN worth twice: for the customer, because it saves money. And for the craftsmen, because he gets additional income virtually free home delivered. Subsequently mountable shutter insulation ROKASAN is a foam with a special structure made of many layers of finest melamine resin networks. That makes light, flexible, flame retardant fabric and gives excellent heat and sound insulation properties. In addition, the material highly is weatherproof and durable. The fabric with a polyester membrane is equipped with ROKASAN, ROKASAN premium, the membrane consists of a special polymer. This ROKASAN premium also ensures the insulation a weather-independent moisture transport. So, drained condensate out of the box and exploited the energy optimally. ROKASAN are based on demand and ROKASAN Premium 10 or 20mm thickness available. The ROKASAN thermal coefficient of 0.035 W / m2K means that you can save up to 56% on heating costs! Contact: ROKASAN roller shutter insulation – Alois Denzel KG mill angle 12 86637 Wertingen Tel.: 08272 / 99 94-270 fax: 08272 / 99 94-299