Spy Signs

If you the only engineer on the team and you see another approaching – he's a spy! Friendly engineer, does not pass through your gun or dispenser – also a Spy. Scouts just runs all in a row as the fastest class. You can use the Sandman to stun enemy spies, the ball will pass through teammates. The effect is analogous to the inexorable force of compressed air, and it even works at a medium distance. Sometimes, perhaps even protect teammate from being hit in the back, in time throwing a spy. Spy in the test can be useful even the spies. Beat fellow in the back, if you're lucky – you kill an enemy spy.

You can also disguise themselves and say a team of enemy spies. Invisible Spies can be found dressed in their colleagues. If your character puts his hand with a knife when a teammate from behind – he is a spy. If the character puts his hand when no one is close – in front of you spin of the invisible enemy spy, beat! The soldiers fired rockets at his feet a group of companions. Podletevshie in the air – disguised Spies. Demolition Similarly as described above for the soldiers.

Also, the grenades do not fly through enemy spies. Snipers Bankate immediately reveal Spy – throw it where he can hide, to make him vulnerable. Arrows are also stuck in a spy through the companions they pass through an enemy Spy Signs disguised spy can not get through.