Strike Addon

If slow internet, it is better to put 0) sv_voiceenable (1 / 0 – enables or not Use the microphone on the server. if slow internet, it is better to put 0) mp_autoteambalance (1 / 0 – indicates whether the command is automatically changed if for one of the parties is too many people) mp_friendlyfire (1 / 0 – enables / disables injure members of their team) mp_forcechasecam (0 / 2 – after the death of a player he: sees all / only the members of his team) mp_timelimit (duration of maps, usually worth 30 minutes) mp_roundtime (the duration of the round) mp_freezetime (time in the early rounds, When players can not move and shoot), there are still many other options, but for now this will suffice. Starting the server will be described here starting the server via the console, because the visual mode is strongly eats computer resources. Make a shortcut file and hlds.exe choose properties. At the end of the line target to add the line like this:-game cstrike-console-insecure-nomaster + maxplayers 10 + sv_lan a + map de_aztec Now more: -game cstrike (indicates that this cs server) -console (console mode) -insecure (valve uses its own anti-cheat vac, but it does not make sense is established by kraknutye No-Steam server, because it bans only legitimate clients) -nomaster (indicates that the server will not show up in the global database servers, we do not want us to be caught with kraknutym server) + maxplayers 10 (indicating that on server can play a maximum of 10 players) + sv_lan 1 (this line should be mandatory, unless the server is not intended for legitimate clients) + map de_aztec (indicate which card will be loaded first, after starting the server) Installation amxx to all function properly, you need to download two files – amx Mod X Base and Counter-Strike Addon.