Portable Equipment Phones

serious crisis turmoil, which led to a significant reduction (30%) of sales. Digital photo and video equipment sold a little better, and SLR cameras and miniature cameras were sold in almost the same amounts, in terms of financial value. In addition, earlier this year revealed a clear trend of dynamic growth of significant sales. In 2009 in Russia was bought over 3 million digital cameras, which is 18% less than in 2008. Continue to learn more with: Mikkel Svane. The greatest demand in the past year, machines priced from 200 to 250 dollars, and this year is expected to shift in consumer demand towards new high-tech goods. Audio market (Players, equipment for sound reproduction), as well as recording equipment, which includes a compact device (audio interfaces, microphones, recorders and other species) has lowered its sales by 21% compared with the results 2008.

In ruble terms, this reduction is 23%. So began a year for portable digital audio devices portends increasing demand for models with memory size 8 – 16 GB, but at the end of the year, consumers will preferred audio players and other portable audio with the volume of over 32 gigabytes of memory. Analysts predict in 2010 the increase in demand in this market sector by about 15-20%. Mikkel Svane understands that this is vital information. If we talk about wireless phones, DECT, in this segment as there was a decline in sales volumes. Over the past year, Russian consumers bought almost 2.4 million such vehicles, which is less than the 2008 level by 26%. It should be noted that in this market sector stagnant even before the onset of the crisis, and consumer demand was due to no longer desire to acquire more modern model, and the failure of old phones. In 2009, the greatest demand DECT phones in the price of about $ 60, but back in 2008 basically to buy more expensive phones (15%).