Gerald Carchio Equipment

If the conflict is present in the execution, the discussion is materialized in happens. The delivery is long, or it happens is short or it does not see the companion in the possibility of defining. The same happens in the company. When the emotional difficulties complican labor dynamics probably the reports that one of them needs do not arrive in time and forms, or somebody forgets to send it like a player who has denied the peripheral vision that allows him to choose the best possibility of happens precise at the suitable moment. The companies are not more than a world of conversations and the same walk towards the place that talk.

From powerponit to a earnings statement they are not more than communication pieces that try to talk an idea to align the thoughts in a common strategy. If the organization has one defined attitude to administer to her conflicts through dialogue in the professional recognition that allows to discriminate the friendship or enemistad of the professional admiration of a fellow worker will undertake richer and prosperous the very many way. The company is not the scope of the love or the hatred but of the admiration or professional respect that make of the companion the best option before the competition. To work in equipment implies to do a work in the equipment and as well as the singers repeat until the boredom a part of the song who need to execute with excellence, as the equipment practices the prepared play that will spontaneously seem executed in the party, the companies must begin to work their conflicts in one heals to char it of clothes.