Arithmetic Concepts

These areas occur in concomitant way between itself and with dficits in social abilities, emotional upheavals and upheavals of attention. This wants to say a person with learning upheaval can more than have a problem in an area. To understand the upheavals has the objective to provide possible education most effective to reduce the debilitating effect of these conditions. Researchers and professionals know that he is difficult to identify and to understand the nature, the causes and the correlatos that must be considered to if teaching for children with upheavals of learnings. 2.1. As the children acquire numerical concepts During last the twenty years, Kamii comes carrying through research between educators, as they find that the children acquire numerical concepts.

Of its research it concludes that of six the seven years, the children still are constructing the numerical system. The learning of the Arithmetic requires active and independent mental participation of the child, as resulted of daily situations in classroom and game in groups. The number the child constructs with its mental structure, is not something learned it environment, the learning comes through the reflexiva abstraction for the proper mental action to place things in relation; the concepts of numbers also cannot be taught, the child inside construct of same itself for the natural capacity to think. (KAMII, Constance, 2002). According to theory of Piaget Apud Kamii, Constance. (2002), it supplies more convincing the scientific explanation of as the children acquire numerical concepts. It affirms, that the knowledge basically logical-mathematician, including numbers and Arithmetic, is constructed by each child of inside pra 9 is, in the interaction with the environment. Thus, she differentiated the physical knowledge that can be acquired empirically through the comment, Spanish the social knowledge that are language as English and that had been created by convention between people and the knowledge logical-mathematician that consists of mental relations, and the final source of these relations is in each individual recognizing, as Piaget external and internal sources of knowledge.

Electronic Monitoring

These problems also reach the averages and small cities, demanding the development of adequate solutions to its peculiarities. This work describes the application of the technology of computer networks for the transmission of the images generated for devices of electronic monitoring installed in Private companies, Residences and public areas of the city of So Paulo. All these images will be stored, visualized and analyzed by a closed-circuit system of TV (CFTV). Credit: Kai-Fu Lee-2011. The project has left of the establishment of the equipment that composes the CFTV and follows with the nets for the interconnection enters the stations of collection of images and the components of the central station of monitoramento, involving local technology of transmission without wire and nets. Word Key: Electronic monitoring, CFTV, Camera IP and Nets Wireless ABSTRACT Electronic surveillance of public places has become an important tool will be identifying and coping with urban problems such the crime and chaotic traffic. These problems also affect midsize and small cities, demanding development of marries-specific solutions.

This to paper describes the application of technology of to computer networks you transmission of images generated by electronic surveillance devices installed in public places of City. All these images will be stored, viewed and analyzed by it system of closed TV circuit (CCTV). The project was developed to over an equipment list and consists of network of image-capturing devices and central monitoring station, involving both LAN and Wireless technologies.