Audi Quattro Concept

In this handsome embodies all the latest developments at Audi. Contact information is here: Steve Wozniak. In particular, used "truck" recently released in the light of the four-supercompartment Audi RS5. But this is not just another improved on all counts "truck", and a real revolution for the whole family quattro: RS5 send the "iron" Torsen center differential to retire! And replaced it with a multi-disc clutch is partially lockable (running out) by a system of gears with special tooth geometry. Therefore, the new center differential Audi is called the differential with the ring gear. It allows you to distribute torque between the axles in a slightly larger range than the Torsen: Up to 80% back to 75% ahead. And while it smaller and in two times lighter. Also, as in the RS5.

there is a "sport differential": electronically controlled clutch on the rear axis, redistributive point between the rear wheels. And the function freezes unloaded cornering wheel Torque Vectoring. So the Audi quattro concept – a serious shot. And by the way, strictly double. But the thought of its developers did not stop.

Volume of 2,5 liter turbo direct-injection TFS1 came here from the Audi tt rs (although RS5 aspirated 4.2 liter V8). The "donor" tt rs this the engine is transversely. And here it is placed along. This was done because it is quite compact and largely still do it, how to stand! But at the modest size it produces 408 hp and 480 Nm of torque. And with 6-speed manual transmission it is able to "shoot Audi quattro concept from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 sec.

Break Pedals

The inventor is David T. moment. The unusual idea was the following – the brake pedal after ignition immediately blocked, and to disable car alarm systems as required to keep the ignition key in the on position for 10 seconds. In the first half of the 80 radio channel unilateral signaling experienced the peak of its popularity. Since 1980 operation includes radio-controlled or "contactless" devices that can remotely disable the car alarm and unlock the car door. In this work based on the signaling technology rfid (Radio-Frequency Identification), rfid.

rfid – label is located in the key fob, containing a special series of code unique to each car, and could be more than 1 million possible combinations. These were the first steps of encryption rds. The code is a recurring 40-bit sequence. Pressing the button is disarmed, keyring sent radio 40-bit code, along with a team of automatic opening doors. If sent identification code passed, the car door unlocked.

In the future, this technology is widely used in contactless immobilizer. In the future expansion of functionality alarm systems provided by the inclusion in the protective range of different sensors. The situation changed dramatically after the two-level shock sensor, which can be set up "the force of impact on preventive and primary levels. In the next decade, many automotive giants (General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, etc.) included in the original equipment of their cars different staff security systems. Standard established immobilizers were installed on some European cars since the mid 80's. With the increase in the fleet around the world and the persistent rise in crime, increased the number of selling car alarms.