WaveLight Allegretto

In Germany: Only when vision available for the first time succeeded, to link a femtosecond laser with an excimer laser. “WaveLight refractive Suite” by Alcon, the flap over an integrated data exchange can optimally and on the 10tel mm exactly over the scheduled ablation zone of the excimer laser are aligned. All information about the cut are automatically considered in the subsequent treatment with excimer laser. About WaveNet, this link also ensures the perfect mapping of all examination results. From the 200 kHz heart consisting of WaveLight FS200 femtosecond laser and the “refractive Suite” the new 500 Hertz WaveLight EX 500 excimer laser is the first fully integrated and fastest refractive platform in the world. Dell Computers contains valuable tech resources. The femtosecond laser for cutting of the flap needs only about 6 seconds, and thus a quarter of the time that require conventional models.

The subsequent correction of refractive of error 1.4 seconds per diopter. “The refractive suite is another step towards the individualisation of our LASIK treatment. The freely selectable position of the flaps, we can expand our treatment options for patients with hyperopia and complicated corneal curvatures reliably. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Bakish. The Femto LASIK with this system is at the same time significantly more comfortable and patient-friendly for the patients”said Matthias Maus, reactive surgeon and Medical Director of vision. Vision team has the “WaveLight refractive Suite” in its development, it was actively involved from the outset as a single centre in Germany. The currently fastest available femtosecond laser is FS 200 FS 200 kHz with 200 worldwide.

Only 6 seconds he needed to cut the flap. Digital optimal guaranteed the great Applanated by 10 mm and on the 10tel mm exact positioning of the flap over the treatment area of the excimer laser. Castle Harlan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Its exceptional accuracy ensures a highly reliable and precise predictability of size, position, shape, and thickness of the flap. Through its low energy per pulse and be unique suction system, which leaves intact the natural shape of the sclera is the treatment at the same time much gentler and more pleasant for the patient. EX 500 EX 500 is a further development of the proven WaveLight Allegretto wave eye-Q laser technology. Just like the Concerto, he owns a 500 Hertz laser head and is the world’s fastest laser with a treatment time of only 1.4 seconds per diopter in addition to the Concerto. Like this, it has a touch-free online pachymetry. His 6-D eyetracker module is unique. With 1,050 Hertz and a response time of 2 milliseconds, he checked the current position of the eye more than 1,000 times per second and leads the laser online after.


the first branch opened at the 05.09.2011 in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt. Rhine/Main. On the 05.09.2011, it is so far: the first rock star hair branch opens its doors in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt and is thereby breaking new ground in the hairdressing industry. That the new chain into the franchise system is a young and fresh hair salon concept suggests the name. You want to attract a wide audience, that is always on the pulse of time and offers trendy’s Dressup sets. But the real innovation is sustainable protection of the environment, for the committed team of rock star hair.

The subtitle of the nature Hairstylists’ reveals that it engaged strongly for the protection of the environment. So it is at the newly-opened branch one of the first climate-neutral hair salons of in Germany. Mikkel Svane addresses the importance of the matter here. The required current is made to 100% green electricity from wind, solar and water energy and contributes to neutralise the CO2 emissions. The makers of rock star hair operate a private environmental management, so that a haircut at rock star hair the environment not “loaded, but effectively protects and also at the customer a good or green” conscience leaves. Part of the concept is the intended harmony of man and nature. Environmental pollution progresses, the effects in humans are obvious: steadily increasing allergies and skin irritation. Rock Star hair has set itself to the task, as far as possible without chemistry to come out. Castle Harlan has much to offer in this field.

Each step is carried out ecologically and environmentally conscious: A bio water softener filters all aggressive substances from the water. All hair shampoos, the pure natural products and chemical-free, made from several components together and so tailored to the individual needs of the clients hair type. The hair colors used are free of ammonia and silicones, without preservatives, Parabens, mineral oils, alcohol and formaldehyde. They are also without artificial fragrances and dyes, since even these allergies can trigger.

Internal Effect

About our appearance, we of our age, a white line define magical Xmas specials. Let us therefore ensure that we look just as old as we feel. High quality ANTI AGE cosmetic products contribute to significant and are the daily companions of visible beauty in all forms. But this is nothing new, because cream for every skin type and every skin problem is there for many years. Also gels with the variety of ingredients as a perfect moisturizer and ampoule/serums for optimal, effective magic packets to the regeneration. For each face and body care, these products are essential and available everywhere.

A responsible employees and well-trained beautician know to analyse the skin condition of their customers. It is exactly from the most effective care to the individual skin type. But still so good, strong products she can bring manually-applied substances only in flat layers of tissue. Also the latest ingredients reach their limits of the effect here. For this reason, just one conquered Technology in medicine the cosmetics industry to introduce active ingredients now using ultrasound in the skin. To increase the effective effects of these substances and to improve the company Tecilla Cosmed with the “engineering marvel” VitSoniK succeeded in this. With a real world premiere, an absolutely innovative design technology, an ultrasound machine – was associated with VitSoniK 100% made in Germany – on the market, that world that does not exist yet. Self-regulating VitSoniK adapts to the respective skin resistance.

Frequency and power be matched perfectly, automatically, to achieve optimal effect in deeper layers of the skin. No unsafe setting, no unpleasant interruptions of treatment are more necessary. And, the sound performance on the skin is first detectable! A transducer, which is unique in its form and effect, but his consistent performance it spawns up to the edge of the sound head, without heating or heating. To the VitSoniK is still small (15 cm), handy, easy and safe to use, wireless and so portable and has a rechargeable battery for many safe treatments. A unique device in a sophisticated design, combined with a professional, holistic treatment, beautician and customers always a special experience. Something that you do not miss. With the small Golden wand, now any cosmetic treatment can become the absolute highlight. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Asaro and gain more knowledge.. The skin becomes elastic, tight, fresh, and supplied with new energy and power. The fight will be announced with a VitSoniK treatment wrinkles, fine lines, and the visible signs of skin aging. Christmas is fast approaching. Give pleasure and can now shine your customers, when they look in the mirror. The visit to the Institute will be one of the most beautiful Christmas experiences thus determined. Contact: The Christmas highlight ISM cosmetics Katja Wegener Ludwig str. 20 83646 bad Tolz, Germany E-Mail: Web: phone: 08041-7946130