Charles Dickens Christmas

Casa del Libro bookstores chain continues with the promotion of its new solution for digital reading Tagus, and to celebrate the launch of this ecosystem, has presented a new campaign in your fan page Facebook, which circumvents 15 eReaders Tagus, its new reader of eBooks, and 25 gift cards worth 25 euros for the redemption by books or eBooks. You can participate in the draw any user fan of Casa del Libro in Facebook, accessing the-enabled application for the contest through the aforementioned fan page contest Tagus tab. With this action, the bookstore chain online wants to promote the spirit of Christmas among his followers from the popular work Christmas story by Charles Dickens. To do this, users must select one of the paragraphs of this book, through the application of the competition, and will be automatically recorded in the draw, which will be held on January 2 before a notary. Nice action, which promotes the spirit of the Charles Dickens Christmas among the readers.

Current Office

New trends in Office current elimination of enclosed spaces, tables, which are transformed according to the needs, furniture adapted to the new working tools such as mobile devices, the new Office opens step back were the offices in which spaces are jerarquizaban, tables were occupied by huge screens or a job only served for one person. Workspaces have evolved in line with new technologies and the comfort and health of the worker. The legislation on occupational risk prevention, new forms of work and the use of the workplace as a source of inspiration, make companies conceive the Office in a totally different way to as before. Ofiprix, manufacturer and distributor of furniture of Office and one of the companies of reference in Spain, points are the latest trends in the sector. Outside hierarchies there is a clear trend to delete any type of enclosed space. Is observed a clear commitment by the hierarchies more horizontal, they behave not so pronounced differentiation of corporate ladder. The possibility of being able to assemble a meeting anywhere promotes communication and the exchange of ideas.

As home office becomes an increasingly warm place, appear new lounge, communication and relaxation areas. Office furniture seems to carry an increasingly similar to home furnishings lines looking for the worker sits at home. The noise insulation becomes a determining factor in the overall as well as individual components. Greater combination of materials: Woods, crystals, metals and lacquers are combined to create an Office more enjoyable everyday to work. With our furniture, we seek a more humane Office, where everyone is comfortable and can work more and better, says Miguel Angel Rodriguez, commercial Director of Ofiprix. More file in less new organization demands requested by the consumer space favour the emergence of increasingly more Add-ons and gadgets to help us organize and store documents in our Office (trays, boxes, boxes, pull-out elements, mobile caddies). The table becomes a clean place free of papers and documents.

The appearance of flat screens, mobile phones, like the iPhone, laptops and wireless devices, have made the Office furniture to transform and evolve in a gradual manner. The tables need not be as great as before, but if you have spaces so that not everything in sight, says Rodriguez. Ergonomics as the main element every day there is more awareness by both the market and the manufacturer in the field of ergonomics. Appearance of furniture more costumizables and can be adapted to the environment: tables with lift, sophistication of mechanisms is the shift of mobile office, adaptable furniture that close space only when required, without having to lift partitions or walls, flexible workplaces that change According to the needs of the work, etc. in short, is about creating offices that promote and encourage creativity and teamwork, says Miguel Angel Rodriguez, commercial director of Ofiprix. About Ofiprix Ofiprix it has more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of office furniture. Since its inception in 1990, its maximum has been offering its customers a quality product at the best possible price. Quality, design and affordable prices, they are the advantages that Ofiprix offers to its catalog of more than 700 pages. With headquarters in Barcelona, Ofiprix has more than 20 stores located in different autonomous communities. Through the years, Ofiprix has been innovating and creating, always under a commitment to quality and respect for the environment.