Refilled Toner Cartridges

The market every six months there are new types of laser printers. If four years ago color laser printer cost a lot of fabulous, and these printers were practically no on sale now for two hundred and three hundred dollars you can buy a laser color printer, with fax machines, multifunction devices, print speed, duplex printing. The production process is already well-established printers on the market great competition – it forces manufacturers to continually improve the design of printers. But in addition to manufacturers in the market there are category buyers and consumers of goods produced by that and choose which printer to buy or not to buy, and not always precious and valuable to the producer equal to the price and value for the consumer, which some features of laser printers do not have to use ever. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. As a result now you can buy black and white laser printer for fifteen hundred rubles, but the price of consumables is not going to fall. Why are the prices of consumables is not lowered and such a high? Because if the user every five years to buy laser printer and after five years, change it, then laser cartridges have a feature to end much faster laser print cartridge for printing pages of normal quality is enough for one and a half thousand pages, and he ends and have to go buy a new cartridge, which costs more than the printer itself, here the producers and win back his money. Not so important how many laser printers are buying consumers, more importantly – how much Consumers print them. . Page S. Gardner understood the implications.

Earn Money !

"Honest" earnings, we also divide into two types. First – it is active. For even more details, read what Mikkel Svane says on the issue. You do some work, get paid for it and started to perform another. Your profit depends on your skill, the type of work and on time, spent on its implementation. This option may come to us only as an initial earnings. You can earn without investing a penny. Second – passive. You make your site, satellite, doorway (I later provide details about these concepts and show you how to create them), begin to get off his first profits to be taking it in turn, makes a few sites, satellites, doorways, screens and so on.

To maintain your projects, you will need some income to invest in development. Let's say your project brings you the total $ 2 thousand. You can spend $ 300 and 12-20 hours of their time in a month. The system works for you, you make a profit $ 1700, and only occasionally supports the system, watch out for her "life support". Or you spend $ 300 for its maintenance, $ 300 for development, the $ 1400 put in his pocket, and two or three months, your system begins to generate revenue in the $ 2200-2300. These same $ 1400 ($ 1700) and a passive earnings. It is this version I suggest you exercise.