Data Protection

According to the results nadavnego study conducted by special order of Dell, it was found that weekly in U.S. airports lose 12,000 laptops for. It's hard to believe, but most laptops are forgotten in airports a standard test, and only 33% of them returned to owners (17% before the flight, 16% after). In a question-answer forum Robotics expert was the first to reply. Nevertheless, there are many simple ways to minimize the chance of losing a laptop and data from it, which people often overlooked. Backing up data to ensure that the loss of the laptop was able to retrieve information, be sure to make backup copies of data (data backup) to external media (CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, USB, etc.) or special remote server (online backup). Backups can be done both manually and through special programs. atter. If you are actively using the laptop at home and at work, and important data is often changed and updated, it is better use that backup program, because This prevents errors when copying, and allows you to automatically make copies of the necessary data to a predetermined schedule. In addition, Most software allows you to automatically compress and encrypt stored information, which creates another level of data protection.

Data Protection Do not neglect the password at logon. Learn more about this with Castle Harlan. Saving on this little time, you can lose a lot more effort and time to lose if lost or stolen laptop. The password should not be very simple and should consist of both letters, because of the numbers and special characters. As a password Use legkozapominaemye phrase, but, for example, instead of simple words "samara" better write $ @ m @ r @. Installing the software "anti-theft" sense of the programs' anti-theft for laptops is as follows: when changing the location of a lost or stolen laptop connected to the Internet without the user sends a specified during installation of the e-mail a letter with your contact details. The use of special labels One of the most simple and inexpensive ways to recover lost laptops, but at the same time, and less technologically advanced, is to put stickers on his laptop with a unique number, entered in a special database, and upon return for remuneration. The man who found a laptop will be able to go to the site indicated on the label and say things about the discovery, pointing out where her room. This way of protecting things recently reached runet and now proposed by Poteryayka.

Accounting University

We invite members of educational institutions to visit the stand of “1C: Accounting and Trade” (BIT) at the 11th International Scientific Conference “New Information Technologies in Education”. The forum will be held February 1 and 2 in the hotel “Cosmos”. The conference will discuss current issues of development of innovation infrastructure of educational institutions, based on technology with ‘1 ‘, plenary and breakout sessions, grand award winners of the graduation projects, master classes, demonstration software and teaching materials, and more. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi. In the framework of event specialists will talk about the experience of BIT automate accounting and management at leading educational institutions of Russia-based decisions for universities to demonstrate the capacity of programs, will answer all your questions. The company cooperates with ICE leading universities Russia.

Its customers include such institutions as the Moscow State Institute, MIREA, MSLA, MAI, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russian Academy of Justice (including 10 regional branches of the Academy), Russian University of Cooperation, RSCU, a number of faculties Moscow State University, Russian Legal Academy, RGGRU, MTUCI magmas MGOU, Moscow Art Theater School Chekhov, Penza branch of the Moscow Independent Ecological-Political University and many others. Staff training agencies and education authorities participate in the conference free of charge. You can register on the site of “1C” 30 January 2011. Company “1C: Accounting and Trade” (ICE), the official partner of the firm “1C” in 1997, is today the largest network of franchise companies “1C”. The company has 50 offices BIT, which operate in three countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Specificity of the ICE is not only for factory automation the basis of “1C: Enterprise”, but also training, counseling clients on the full range of professional issues. During the work the company produced over 80,000 successful installations of automated systems.

WAN Repair

If serious faults without any knowledge of special techniques, guides and tools can not do. Our masters emergency computer assistance to help you solve this problem. Install Network equipment and installation of communications – one of the main activities of computer wizards. To date, computer specialists accumulated vast experience in creating networks of any size. Turning to the our company you can rely on round the clock computer assistance in the form of installing the browser, connect to the WAN via a modem and through a dedicated line. Urgent repairs is our PC professionals of any type. Specialists are ready to upgrade the computers, configure the wireless Wi-Fi network, install and configure the software to recover data lost in case of breakage and to other services in this area. Urgent computer help can be provided within the subscriber's service organizations and individuals.

In addition to the repair of laptops and other computer services to private masters, we offer creation, development and promotion of Internet sites. Possible to develop custom software. Computer help requires special expertise when needed urgent repair your computer. Pete Cashmore oftentimes addresses this issue. Help fast Iron your friend and not to disturb the working process in this case – our primary path. Computer repair – urgent need for many users caught in a difficult situation. Failure of your computer – no need to puzzle over the problem is simply to contact us for computer help. An experienced master in the time you arrive at the address to your home or office and revives your electronic assistant.

Millennium Edition

Ideally suited for the job CCleaner. Myth 4. Mac is the best. XP – the OS is too slow. Some people believe that XP – slow system. Remember the parable in which a bet with a hedgehog rabbit that comes to the finish line first? Of course, the speed – not the strength of spiny beast, but a race against the hare, a sprinter he would still win – with the help of tricks. Such tricks are and wt.

Plays Windows because, unlike wt, it is not optimized for specific hardware, and supports all of the proposed combination of equipment. In addition, Windows has not Only a master to control games or multimedia applications, but also do office work. And in each area to ensure good results. Clearly, under such requirements without assistance system is easy to knock out of power. Those who've installed the system on your computer, be familiar with this phenomenon: the first Windows runs fast, but day by day, this process becomes slower and slower.

The reason lies not in the system itself, and in ballast, which she had to drag along. In addition, slow down your computer and poorly compiled and bloated software. Look at what runs at startup. Windows to fly at the speed of lightning, you must find and eliminate all slow down its work processes. Myth 5. Golden antelope. Vista – Millennium Edition 2. In one parable says that to someone who has the golden antelope do not have to worry about his future.

OpenGL Mobility

It is built on the architecture of Fermi and has full support for DirectX 11 Shader Model 5.0. Graphics Card GeForce GTX 480M has 352 cores CUDA, operating at a frequency of 850 MHz. It can be compared to the GTX 465 card for desktop computers, but with lower frequency and power-optimized. GeForce GTX 480M has 2 GB of fast memory GDDR5. This graphics card from NVIDIA supports technologies such as PhysX, 2-Way SLI, CUDA, PureVideo HD 1080p, PCI Express 2.0, OpenGL 3.2 and Dual-link DVI with HDCP. It is also fully compatible with the requirements of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7.

Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M focused on high-performance mobile PC designed for the most demanding gamers. Direct competitor in the market NVIDIA is the production of AMD / ATI. First of all, this line of graphics cards ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series, which debuted in early 2010. The architecture of these cards created by array of unified processors that provide processing of different kinds of data. Top product of this series is the graphics card Mobility Radeon HD 5870, which is essentially a modification of the "desktop" accelerator Radeon HD 5770 only with a lower frequency.

This card has a core frequency 700 MHz and memory frequency of 4000 MHz. It supports DirectX 11 hardware. Memory Interface Mobility Radeon HD 5870 has two 64-bit controllers that lead to a 128-bit memory bus. As a result, access to a maximum of 1024 MB of DDR3 or GDDR5 (512 MB GDDR3). Performance of the card lets you run on your laptop virtually all modern computer games and graphics applications running at the highest resolution and most detailed drawing. All video series Mobility Radeon HD 5000 has an improved video processor for decoding high-definition video (HD). Because high power consumption Card Mobility Radeon HD 5870 is only suitable for laptops with a good cooling system. At the same time very much reduced power consumption cards through the use of technology Memory Clock Scaling and Clock Gating. When choosing a laptop with some graphics should, above all, to decide which tasks are in front of the mobile device. If the laptop will only run office applications, the need for expensive graphics card just disappears. Powerful graphics devices as needed for computer games and work in graphic applications. It is worth to spend money on a laptop with a modern video card that has high performance and capable of solve various problems. Source: – tests and reviews of computer hardware

Read Mode

DVD-rip utilities installed. After starting system scan to detect it in DVD-pisalok. DVD-rip window driver looks incredibly ascetic. Our next steps to install the DVD-rip. Quickly go through the settings, I mean, go to tools-settings. In the jungle will not penetrate.

It will make sure that the ISO Read Mode tab contains all the notes. In this way we ensure that the rewrite will be removed all restrictions and prohibitions by the creator of the disc. For example, now popularly embedded in the obsessive drive reklamku that you can not rewind or skip initially with her right in the menu. After rewriting the ads will not evaporate, but at least it can be rewound. Over the trickiest authors embed ads directly in the menu, and therefore there is need other programs. If we do not have to drive the disc – insert it.

Go to the tab Mode – Mode select FILE. In other words, virtually duplicating files on the screw. Check that we on the right side we have selected all the files without restrictions, then the left side and click on the yellow daddy to select the fragment, where all this will send and press the big button with a picture CD-ROM and hard drive. All, DVD-rip went into action. Wait until the end of the operation and eventually have a copy of the DVD in her screw. With the withdrawal of protection, bans and other pleasures. For the subsequent conversion to Xvid format preferable to let the matter regime IFO. All switching are obtained, as we remember to tab MODE. In this case, the right we see all the threads Dieskau this place another vkladochka-Stream Processing), namely a video stream, streams, and acoustic subtitles. We need the video – and audio stream, which coincides with the meter of the film on time. Them and will need to perekatat. The problem of the new article, how to create re-encoding in Xvid. And the return process – a copy of the hard disk to a CD. We leave for the switch MODE-set ISO-WRITE, click on the yellow daddy, showing where we have a way of DVD-ROM drive and click the big button again. Recording went. And do not need another utility – DVD-rip to do all blameless way. Success, and do not keep all your eggs in one basket. Get the hang of making copies, the results did not cause severe loss of sadness and anger at himself.

Basic Scripts Editor

At best, it can be detected with a script error on the board, usually the same – only a critical site to be further control. In the case of the comparison of projects – it's interesting or distinctive design a common symptom of PCP. C based on what opportunities does the PADS-script after an error detection or indication of a critical place in design can be divided by the tools for adjusting design (automatically or semi-automatically) or by suggesting changes until just a designer (the third feature of the proposed classification). It should also be noted that the scripting capabilities are not unlimited, since you can control only those objects and their characteristics, which provides for the use of PADS (ActiveX Automation Members). There is, unfortunately, also large number of objects and their properties that can be accessed through OLE and Basic Scripts Editor is impossible. For example, the contours of the components (Keepout) in the number of objects are missing. The same applies to the possibilities of changing the characteristics of objects, most of the They can only be read but can not be changed (to be precise, the change in performance still possible, but it is quite difficult and by Mentor Graphics from some considerations, strictly speaking, is not provided). Analyzing documents with specific requirements for projects PP (the so-called Designe Rules), it is easy to identify reserves efficiency PADS-developed tools. The mere mention of names of components or circuits in the Designe Rules allows you to quickly find the object on the board or in the scheme.

New Product Alley Archive

October 1, 2007 the Department of Software Developers Alley company completed work on the set recently released by the company's product Alley Archives 3 to complete the work with the Oracle 10i database for Windows and Sun Solaris. IT department of the company set up advice for system administrators to install and configure database instances, and in particular the code page for the best multi-language support, and solved the problem by using fields of type CLOB. Now, Oracle 10 i Windows and Sun Solaris is the first row of the list of database management systems that are compatible with Alley Archive 3 and not requiring any additional configuration. Currently, product Alley Archive 3 supports the following DBMS 'out of the box': MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.2, Microsoft SQLServer 2000, Microsoft SQLServer 2005, Oracle 9.2 Windows, Oracle 10i Windows and Sun Solaris. With advanced settings also supports the following DBMS: Informix, IBM DB2, Sybase, McKOI.

Hdd Program

Despite the high values of latter-day procession of the video still does not cease to be an urgent problem of preserving the contents of the DVD-Video disc to your PC. And for the benefit of the narrative, so to speak, and in view of possible transcoding movie in the popular DiVx format. Also, usually to the curious, with the original disc when something happen to, scratch, for example to say and no longer comprehensible. Then the program DVD-rip, of which we below, will perform reverse – burn a disk again. There is little items can far to assist in the task at hand. They either paid or contain absolutely obscene amount, or working openly crooked, or all together.

Welcome exception – DVD-rip – an unusual program size is smaller (!) A megabyte, which operates quickly and make a lot of functions. There is only one unfortunate result – support for DVD-rip suspended. And broken, apparently under duress, and other various owners hungry structures. However, the legacy that remains from the developers of the utility – it's excellent! So everything is very simple and without hardship. To search for programs from going to any search engine to choose from – on the same keyword instantly find and download it. Setting the standard – as with all drivers. I note that although there is a crack there, but no problems the user will not appear on the English version. DVD-rip delivered. After starting the scan system for finding it in DVD-pisalok.

Southeast Asian

One of the major errors grow? Sian enterprises manufacture? Lei PP – an attempt to reach the same production of the full range – both in class density, and volume production. Unfortunately, most often due to lack of proper funding, a deep study of marketing and market conditions, as a consequence,? eat concept of the planned reconstruction. Purchase single road? Yaschih position equipment does not give the desired effect either on volume nor the quality of the products, if in the same processing chain work and obsolescent machinery and technology. Any business, expected to continue and develop the production of PP, in must first define its market position in both series, and the level complexity of the product. If you are unable to complete the reconstruction of production in a short time, it is necessary to develop a single strategy for the long term and planned to implement that plan.

Is encouraging that in recent years there have been serious changes in the manufacturing industry production capacities of the PP. Now completely reconstructed or created several companies, some are planned reconstruction, or will start soon a new building or renovation of production. In conclusion, we offer consider our views on the prospects of time? development of Russian-made PCB. Our view is based on the fact that Southeast Asian countries are close to the peak of its export production capacity. The overriding objective PP industry of China is constantly evolving needs of UBC-rochnogo domestic production, which in future will be directed? Leno to satisfy the domestic market.

Also do not forget that even by Russian standards, 80% of China's population lives in poverty, and this – more than 1 billion people. Of course, China and Southeast Asia will remain the main producers of PP in large batches. However, the export share of medium and small-scale orders will tend to gradually decrease. On this basis, we can assume that the Russian PP industry, there are certain prospects. We believe that over the next five years, Russia has not changed only the volume but also the structure? round production of PP. Already there are production ready to fulfill orders for sredneseriynye boards at competitive prices from Southeast Asia and terms. As new or renovating existing domestic enterprises share of orders placed in the Southeast Asian countries, will gradually decrease and, correspondingly, the proportion of orders placed on the Russian domestic market will increase from year to year.