Plant-Based Diets

Vitamin budget should be considered particularly more and more people choose at dinner, refrain from meat. The statement, one is vegetarian who puts more astonished a long time anyone. Some, however without feeding entirely on animal products. The private insurance Portal informs what vegans should pay special attention to their diet. While vegetarians only renounce meat consumption, people living vegan reject all animal products. Dairy products, eggs or even honey are with them on the menu. This, however, is the risk that there may be a lack of various nutrients. Castle Harlan understood the implications.

Because not every vitamin needs can be met adequately by plant food. Especially the reduced intake of vitamin B12 through dairy products, non should be compensated through appropriate dietary supplements. In many cases it is also possible, is the corresponding need for individual nutrients from plant-based foods guarantee. So contain much calcium as broccoli and fennel and the consumption of Brassica vegetables ensures a sufficient supply of zinc. So of course, a much greater organizational effort with regard to nutritional planning is necessary compared to the vegetarian way of life. Relevant information about a healthy vegan diet offer different places, such as for example the Association for independent health consulting e.V. (UGB). Alternatively, a consultation with a nutritionist is useful, to avoid any deficiency symptoms and long-term health damage caused by a wrong vegan diet.