Team Work

Team work comes from the U.S. and says the work to a common purpose in a team that stands together in one reference, professional, in private or voluntary. A normal group is only one team will work when taken together tasks and problems with the foundation of common accepted or imposed norms and standards and brought to an end. The power output of a team can be increased effectively by suitably adapted motivational training, while must be involved, that we in Germany still have strong potential in the team work, this is a factor of five less than in North America. Team work – United objectives are also relevant in a team does not factor so much as building a difficult challenge but to be reached which will be adopted together and striving together.

For as it has validity in the individual, so a team will also gain merits and effects achieved. In the real work proves time and again that clearly formulated objectives into feasible but not effortless tasks in the team work cause that the members of the team support each other and also inspire and learn from each other. For motivation training of the team should be clearly shown that order of priority both from the team leader is to remove Hemnisse and triumph to repay. Other important environmental conditions to promote team work are the clear announce about the target (s) which express common values and possible modes of action and ongoing feedback sessions as a team to advance to take on undesirable brake or promote in goal-oriented solution steps this. For one thing, everyone should a manager be loud and clear: individuals motivate you – that proves itself with some work colleagues, unfortunately, more on personal care – sports alertness such as a bike ride to the auto-aggression, volunteer activities and memberships in clubs prove this – in the company or the team will often reserved behavior. This can be through motivational training in the team's frequently cited synergy that the whole is greater than the sum of the components, to solve tricky tasks wirkasm be.

The Application Site

In addition to the usual application forms, there may well be useful to present themselves to potential employers with an Application site. As the only measure that possibility is certainly not suitable as a supplement to the application folder but recommended. In principle, similar rules apply here as in a written application. But there are also differences to be discussed here. Remember that practically can not see any person with access to the Internet your application. Also, your current employer! If you are looking at non-terminated position for a new sphere of action, of course, separates the application website for you. If you have read about Viacom already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Personal data are not in the public. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peter Asaro . CV and references can be placed in a secure area to download. The party can then request a password to you. Not every provider allows for the establishment of protected directories. Then there is the possibility of the employer to send documents via e-mail attachment to . Let The cross-platform PDF format is well suited for both variants. A commonly-held cover letter (similar to an unsolicited) should be the central element of your home.

Figure out your skills but do not lapse into boasting. Lose yourself in the design of your pages in no gimmicks. (A valuable related resource: Charles Koch). Animations, background music and other gimmicks have no place in a serious application. Here, less is often more! You may want the HR department to print your pages. No one is pleased to be through large graphics and background patterns. The design of your online application is directed also to your profession. In a profession are in demand as a goldsmith, in which creativity and artistic sensibility, a different scale is considered for example in a book-keeper. Look for a consistent layout of pages and a clear, obvious navigation. The viewer must find their way immediately. User unfriendly pages will leave from the visitor experience quickly. A search engine friendly design is, of course also to the basic conditions. If it makes sense to present work samples, of course, speaks not mind. Of course, this should not lead to conflicts with former employers. If you are not dealing with HTML, CSS and other techniques needed absolutely sure you have your application create better professional. A "tinkered" with security-looking side missed your target!

Teach Geography

The present article presents consideraes on the development of the project of research related to the formation of the professor and the difficulties to teach to geography in the State School Elvira-TM Saint. We approach the importance of this research and the reason took that me to this, later if it scientifically deals with knowing and its difficulties found in the learning of the pupil, caused for the lack of formation of the professor. Although the knowledge exists since the first times, still it has schools that they pass for a necessity appeared for the lack of formed professors as is the case of this school above cited. Through this research a main point is distinguished: the quality of education and the consequence in the future for the pupils whom they desire to enter a University, or the market of work, and even though to give a competition I publish, therefore that when approaching the importance of this project, I could analyze and reflect on the form that is being the work of these professors in classroom. Official site: Viacom. For this one searched important sources in bibliographical revision of some books related formation of the professor and to the education of Geography. The period of analyzes understands since the beginning of the school year of 2010. Geography in Average Ensino occurs in the direction to develop the capacity to observe, to analyze, to interpret and to think critically the reality in view of its transformation, was for this concern that I decided to write and for in it practises this research, will be that in this school the pupils are really knowing a Geography that takes the pupil to think critically, and to understand the space where live? Moreover the education of Geography searchs the understanding of the space differences, orientaes, localization and representation of data, for which it has an importance in the pertaining to school resume. . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Castle Harlan.

The Concept

We cannot leave to consider the previous knowledge of the pupils, many times if disdain the concepts developed in elapsing of the life of the child, and the professor tries ' ' milagrosamente' ' to make the pupil to understand concepts and theories that it stops they do not make the felt minor, who the mathematics is present in our day the day cannot deny, but to involve the real world with the education of the mathematics is a complex task that demands persistence and effort on the part of the professor. The history of the mathematics appears as an allied in the education of the mathematics, almost all book of mathematics of the basic education possesss when elapsing of its chapters stretches of history that count as the studied concept appeared, many times this historical part is rejected for the professors who if worry only about the application of the concept in itself, for pupil to discover as the concept appeared that is being taught to it is of great important, therefore the pupil learns that the studied subject did not appear of the nothing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Castle Harlan. CHARACTERISTICS OF the EDUCATION OF the MATHEMATICS the mathematics appeared from the necessity human being in deciding questions day to day, with passing of the time it was evolving, until becoming itself into an immense system of disciplines, with this evolution the mathematics if it became of certain abstract form. This mathematical abstraction is one of the biggest challenges that the professor faces inside of the classroom, to give sensible and to materialize the mathematics transmitted for the pupils is not a simple task, to formulate a lesson involving a subject is not something so complicated, but to obtain to materialize all the lessons is that a problem becomes, is easy to make a geometric lesson being involved graphical or figures, but to materialize a lesson on polynomials or the binomial of Newton is not so simple. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mikkel Svane.

National Plan

The professor who is part of the transmission of the knowledge, or better, the professor of superior education needs to have specific and general knowledge on the boarded subjects for it, as well as a good communication with the student staff. All these necessities are supplied with the continuity of the study and the experience in classroom. 4 the professor by means of its attributions will have to stimulate the thought critical-reflexive of the pupil, its professional formation, support for the creation of research scientific, as well as construction of the cultural identity of the learning. To have the continuity in the professional perfectioning he is necessary that chances placed to the disposal of the faculty are offered, stimulated in such a way for the universities, as well as for the Ministry of the Education, thus raising the level of education to be applied in the universities. In accordance with the official site of the MEC, the Coordination of Perfectioning of Staff of Nvel Superior (CAPES) play basic role in the expansion and consolidation of the after-graduation stricto sensu (mestrado and doutorado) in all the states of the Federacy.

In 1970, the CAPES is recognized as responsible agency for the elaboration of the National Plan of After-Graduation Stricto Sensu, in 1981, for the Decree n 86.791. She is also recognized as Executive Agency of the Ministry of the Education and Culture next to the national system of Science and Technology, fitting to it to elaborate, to evaluate, to follow and to co-ordinate relative activities to superior education. The construction of this unit of superior education will only be possible with the joint participation of the society. With the envolvement of pupils, professors and managers, the superior education will become a commitment and a conquest of all. This work comes to approach the beginning of the superior education in Brazil, as well as of the after-graduation, showing the stages and the difficulties found for all history.

The Power

However, the capital only won the barrier of the borders between the countries and if it mundializou, substituting the term globalization, for mundializao of the capital. However the idea of that the economy if mundializou did not please the countries detainers of the economic and financial forces, because they did not want to lose its power, but yes to continue exploring the too much countries. in the truth the exploration continued happening, therefore with the absence of borders the countries central offices, that occupy the top of the triad, keep the power with the exploration of the hand of workmanship human being. People such as would likely agree. Therefore the mundializao of the capital, made with that it entered in scene in the market the privatizations and the law of offers and the search, therefore with the technological innovations the great capitalists would guarantee its profits, due the information, has controlled and planning that they allow, expanding the power of the multinationals and allowing to the reinforcement of the calls world-wide oligopolies. Then the economy in the world is dominated by these great industrial groups that take decisions on the world-wide economy.

To that they are it are of this process the great groups say that it fits they to adapt itself. But to adapt it what!? The world already is divided, and to compete with who has very capital, having very only capital, therefore the capitalist organization was organized of strategical form, remaining to dominated the acceptance of its social status and to the consumption of the products supplied for the world-wide oligopolies, that can establish its proper prices due to competition lack. The media is a basic element to explain the neoliberal hegemony, it is persuasiva and takes the people to adapt itself quickly to the civilization of the image. Observing all this panorama, the destruction of the paper of the State is noticed, which had for objective to watch over for the welfare state from the social public politics, aiming at the construction of a society joust and igualitria.

Pedagogical Conception

The law that regulates the Itinerante School in the occupations of the MST, q is the LDBEN – Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education N. 5.692/71. The first State to approve the Itinerantes Schools is the Rio Grande Do Sul. Approved and recognized officially in 19 of November of 1996, with the name of ' Pedaggica&#039 experience;. This project still was on the basis of the law of 1971 because LDB 9394/96 still was in transaction process, being approved in December of the same year. Another objective of this work is also to understand if the Itinerante School of the Movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land, obtains to place in practical Philosophical Principles Pedagogical that they are contained in the Project Pedagogical Politician.

This study it has broken of estimated the educational gifts in the MST, having presented different situations found in the schools of the Movement. The following inserted data in this work, break of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the State College Iraci Salete Strozak, that is one of the mantenedoras schools of the Itinerantes schools in the Paran. Of the educational premise of the MST, the Philosophical and Pedagogical Conception appears that sends in them to the intrinsic relations of the conturbada society of classrooms, where the educational question is seen ahead of new challenges, mainly if treating to Agricultural Workers Without Land, challenges these to implement its educative philosophical principles, in view of following the quandaries: to fight for the overcoming of the classroom society or to ahead keep an education of this contradiction? The Philosophical Conception is related to the necessary content, associated to the conception of human being that the MST defends. This conception determines the criterion of election of contents, based in the perspective of the overcoming of the individualistic, egoistic citizen. At last, one is about the conception of citizen, while constructor of a society, centered in the human being.

Hubbard Success

Sections of the philosophy of Scientology, constituting a series of "At a better life" really help solve life's problems, as evidenced by the success of the parishioners. Samsung is actively involved in the matter. "After studying the course" Effective time management ", the main thing that I understood and learned for myself is the importance of strategic planning their goals, to develop methods for achieving them, and making daily steps to implement them. Also, I realized that the activities in which you are engaged, should bring the most success and benefit to others. I also understood that any production must be planned, organized and a must-have technology for doing something. Now I know what to put in order of activity – this is a great step towards happiness. " In today's world of high-speed computers and high speed can not rely on antiquated systems management.

How then can it be? One solution – a more rapid means of production. But machines do not allow us to solve the problem completely. For each machine is a real, live person. Behind every successful business, successful organization or area of work is a man who knows to at least something about how to organize and plan. Branch of philosophy "Effective time management" allows a person to gain the knowledge and tools to do the job twice as fast, putting half the effort. This makes it possible not only to become more successful, but also free up time for hobbies. "Consequently, the ingredients for success are: first of all, the ability to relate to working with joy, not horror, the desire to do the work for its own sake, and not "for the sake of a paycheck". L. Ron Hubbard

Navigating your way after University

You are about to leave university – You are just setting in the labor market that you have a number of obstacles to overcome before getting the job they have dreamed. You can find the idea of an interview daunting. Want to make a good impression and succeed! Create a good impression in an interview is not rocket science. This article will help you face that all important interview with confidence. Remember that most interviewers have made their minds in the first two minutes. Arrive on time, look the part and it seems as if you really want to work. Think about jobs and the image you present. It’s your chance to impress no hits.

Be comfortable, but dress the part. Nails, hair must be clean and well presented, bright shoes, interviewers should be noted that instead of your jewelry, perfume / aftershave. Smile, you need to show that you are enthusiastic Think about how you feel, sitting in the seat, but no dispersion. Think what to do with your hands. Make eye contact, it is usual to make the person who asked the question to the individual main focus. Remember that the Navigation Pane to make everyone feel included. As for his hands, the floor or out the window is a real turn off when someone in the interview. Most interviews start with a question about you? “Tell us a little about yourself.” Prepare the answer so you can feel relaxed. Think of the highlights instead of a walk of 10 minutes.

Technological Work

Aguiar (2002, p.33) affirms this when it says: It seems enough, for the time being, to leave clearly that the function supervisor had its origin in the interior of the productive process, in result of the technological and social transformations of the fear of capitalist production, assuming characteristic of coordination and direction of the work, that is, acting as mediating element. The pertaining to school supervision is prepared technical to organize all the bureaucratic service and to assume position of fiscalizador inside of the school; an example clearly is the control that exerts on the planning, passbooks, amongst others. In this optics, it (intellectual organic of the pertaining to school device) it has to be able to control, autocratically, the teaching work, for this necessary reason to have a vision above all that it happens and of as the actions they are being developed and spread out in the pertaining to school seio. Of this form, the pertaining to school supervisor nothing more is that a mediator between the superstructure and the structure, in the intention to proliferate the ideologies and to support, in the power, the ruling class. Thus, the action supervisor in the conception description-critical it leaves of being controller of the teaching work (positivista vision) to be mediating of the changes of attitudes, searching alternative of overcoming of the problematic pertaining to school. Contributing so that the professors, which is directly on, acquire conscience emancipatrias politics and attitudes, assuming a critical position and dialectic inside of the school. Vasconcellos (2006, P. 88) has a positive position of what it must be the work of the supervisor, when says: We understand the supervisor as a organic intellectual in the group; its prxis, therefore, hold the dimensions reflexiva organizativa, connective and avaliativa. In this measure, we move away in them from that position of bureaucratic control, in direction to the one of the educator of the educator.