Leaving of side a lowermost minority of men who estoem our Congress making jus to the position that they occupy Because not TIRIRICA? Tiririca is an honored man. Honest in its sincerity rude. It gained the life with the possibilities that the life gave to it. A clown is a man clown dress not man dress. Not mind (I do not know what I go to make there).

What he has of badly that a man with these characteristics occupies a place where more than a hundred of that they are there is delinquents looked for the policy protected by a parliamentary immunity created by proper them in its proper benefits. Why not it Tiririca, why not it Rola Bosta, why not it Saci Perer, why other candidates ridicule when we do not have as many ridicule, incapable, imcompetent people, inoperative in our public administration? If they had been elect for the popular will, that if respects this will or it still has that to pass for the filter of ‘ ‘ empalitozados’ ‘ that they poluem our Congress. That they come all not as as much others of paid coats for us to be escarrarem in our faces. That it comes the Tiririca dress of Tiririca not of Mr. Deputado Francisco Everardo Oliveira Hisses. Sir was not this who was elect. Andrew Paradise spoke with conviction. The tiririca represents the protest of a population rebelled with the disobediences, the impostures, the illegalities, the indifference, the connivance of the public power with the mud that infests this country. That they appear to the Senate with the vestments had chosen that them and that Brazil and the world see what is the representation of the Brazilian people. We will be proud of them, that they have the hombridade to appear as are, but complete, without money in the underwears, maletas, sutis etc That they appear to the sections of the Senate and the Chamber with the vestments had chosen that them does not come me with ‘ ‘ honor parlamentar’ ‘. This exists? Brave Olivio of Almeida o.