The Person

From this experience I started to contemplate other people in the professional environment and the result was very interesting, because the gratitude transformed into commitment and affinity, provoking lasting bonds between the involved people, exactly in the condition of internal or external customer. What it was clearly was that this relationship does not exist when you practise a love act. To remember the anniversary of somebody without waiting nothing in exchange, only with the feeling of affection and respect provokes harmony in the work environment, makes with that people if approach to you and mainly the influence of the positive force of the love overflows in all the cantos and really starts to feel the happiness to go up to around its days, beyond the respect. Words do not exist how much to the love feeling that the people return to it, very rewarding and it is multiplied. When the adult person receives for the first time a cake from anniversary and the people sing congratulations for the light of its day, it generally it cries with much emotion and she is perpetual thanked the person who provided this happiness. The filled gap of the lack of understanding of the life transforms the future of the aniversariante. It tries to give an anniversary cake and to sing congratulations to who is its return; in environments with many people, it makes the aniversariantes of the month, in this direction vaquinha is possible to make one where each one collaborates with very little and provides to a superior happiness sets of ten of times to the little that they had collaborated. When somebody of a little of its attention, its time and its love in favor of the recognition of the life of the next one, is born to the seeds of the prosperity and the feelings of the compassion that contemplates the brightness of the joy of the LOVE in its life. More information is housed here: Zendesk.


To each day, what it was certain seems to become wrong and the wrong one seems to become certain. When somebody is strengthenn to be a more docile person and human being, can itself be noticed that strangely it will start to be taxed of deserving fool or of discredit. It is in the antagonistic truth and nonsense. Frequently we perceive that the behavior to break rules and to disrespect norms is object of admiration of many people. It is perceivable in the work, employees who would be bad examples, to be ' ' seguidos' ' or copied for other employees. When the behavior instead of receiving reprovao receives admiration and still it is imitated, becomes explicit the nonsense of the inversion of values that we live deeply. If it has a televising program that it consists of observing people separately if relating and coexisting in a place, perceives that personages opt to a behavior ' ' rebelde' ' or indisciplinado to attract affection, and worse, it gets success, become the winners.

Because they had revealed ' ' maus' ' , aggressive or impetuous they had attracted affection admiration. If, indiscipline and revolt generate affection, what to think of that they prezam disciplines it and subordination? It is not the objective of this article to criticize or to condemn the admirer or the transgressor, but yes, to identify what all unconsciously are citizens to make: to menosprezar the ethical one and to enaltecer the reprovvel. In a university the distinction becomes clear that if makes between different behaviors. It has those that if dedicate to the studies, ask, participate and give attention to the lessons, in against departure, have the ones that they make the opposite accurately; frequently absent of the lessons for preferring bars, and they change groups of study for any thing that is useless and with appearance of indiscipline. .


Conscious parenting, and environmental education have now become increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that mankind is coming to an inevitable choice that affects the ability later in life to our planet. Earth – an unusually warm and beautiful planet in the cold darkness of space, and may we all come to it is not accidental, but in order to meet us with the most expensive people, souls learn and teach each another, learn their lessons and become a little more sophisticated. It is from this point of view sees the birth of conscious parenting philosophy. But even if before the birth of a baby you have lived a normal life, then looking into his eyes, you suddenly understand that the unlimited love him in return.

And this love requires a change in your life. Changes, of course, the better, because life is full of meaning, children's smiles and laughter. The desire to understand the baby leads to the idea that because he had so far only part of nature, everything that he needs to be the most natural and natural. But what is most natural for a baby? Of course, to be as close to my mother, to hear her voice and even heartbeat, as it did for nine months. But if the kid all the time on his hands, the joy of communicating with them quickly is because my mother can not do anything either for ourselves or for loved ones. So comes to the rescue ancient invention – a sling, or sling, as they are called. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through.

Slings come in two forms-dvuhkolechnye slings and slings-scarves. Dvuhkolechny sling is useful in the early months of baby's life, and to perform household chores together with the baby. But the child grows and approximately half becomes more comfortable sling-scarf, which evenly distributes the weight of the baby on both shoulders, making my mother's posture is smooth and beautiful. On the example of the sling, we saw that the whole care of the newborn can be arranged so that was convenient for him and his parents. And all the beautiful solutions in this area – is well forgotten old. Innovation, such as disposable diapers suitable only parents who have children are quickly emerging diaper rash, and on the legs and tummy are traces of rezinochek diapers. Output there are natural diapers, which come into contact with the skin baby only natural materials – Cotton, specially treated soft wool, wild silk. Wild (buretny) silk has antibacterial properties, inserts in the diapers of a natural silk help to eliminate chafing and inflammation. The objection is that natural systems are expensive swaddling, actually have no foundation. After all, if you count the cost of diapers for the duration of their use, natural diapers are cheaper. In addition, disposable diapers have to use longer, since they are in the baby longer accustomed to the pot. With natural habituation to clean diapers is also a natural and simple as this was intended by nature. In order to retain their natural diapers properties of natural remedies recommended to wash laundry. However, all chemical facilities to take care of the house and the skin from birth better substitute for natural ones. Back to nature, we remember what our ancestors did of old natural soap, very gently cleanses the skin. Soap nuts, which can be used instead of soap is perfect for washing and bathing. It turns out that to make your home cozier and friendlier to the environment is quite simple. Only in this house it is possible to environmental education and conscious parenting.

Balloons On The Modern Holidays

Balloons in today's festivities Create a festive atmosphere and high spirits help decorating balloons absolutely any room, from banquet halls and ending with a small office rooms. Recently, a design of holidays and special occasions is becoming more popular, as is true of fashion. This is facilitated by a number of advantages: fast and easy creation of any composition or structure of the balls, the ability to bright, original and air clearance space, both inside and outside, and, most importantly, relatively low material costs. Such material as balloons, gives unlimited scope for the imagination of designers and decorators, enabling them at minimal cost to create exclusive, enduring interiors. Decorating with balloons holidays parties, banquets, anniversaries, celebrations of various kinds – is the best way to create an unusual fairy-tale atmosphere, full of magic and surprises, but still a very good way to cheer up yourself, your family and friends, give them a rare opportunity to feel happy and carefree, again touching childhood. A decoration balls celebrations and weddings – is the most affordable and effective way to make such a significant event solemn, bright and unforgettable. The color of the balloons, as the color of flowers, can be expressed without words the whole range of human emotions, but it is never over, especially on your wedding day. Balloons are the most various shapes and sizes, their colors, you can create true works of art – panels, garlands, signs, bouquets and even sculpture.

Some of them are used to decorate with balloons on the premises holidays, while others are designed to master all sorts of them funny shapes. And they both are designed to underscore the atmosphere of the holiday, to underscore the event, which celebrated. Balls can carry a meaning, a variety of information in one form or another, helping to reveal the importance and originality of the holiday, paying particular attention to the individual offender or the triumph celebrated event. Decoration wedding balloons will give it a memorable event special solemnity and elegance, will help create a truly festive atmosphere. Ability to choose your color scheme, to realize the most their dreams will get real pleasure from a holiday and leave a lasting impression for life. The modern technology of balloons will allow them a long time to remind the newlyweds of the happiest day in their lives. If you would like to know more about Ali Partovi, then click here. Decorating with balloons holidays for children is an integral part thereof, as the only balloons can make this holiday. Funny and colorful beads will create exhilaration, and ornamented with figures of animals or inflatable characters favorite cartoons interior will be a real holiday event! Fun songs will add fun and original holiday, and opportunity to please children of all sorts of costumes, balloons will allow them to feel like a real fairy-tale heroes. Such a holiday with colorful balloons will be remembered for a lifetime. And what can be better than a happy child, who went on an unforgettable celebration! Do not forget the fabulous balloons, give yourself and your family holiday!