Mediacenter New Word In Home Entertainment

The idea to use a computer for playing video and audio is not new, and even the very first pc with support for cd have been widely used for listening to this new type of music CDs while. For the first time something like this modern media center tried to introduce the company Intel, actively promoting among its partners – manufacturers of computer hardware – the idea of the digital home, but, apparently, a few years ago, the market is not to end was ready. Today, media center occupies the minds of both consumers and producers. To have a country cottage or an apartment with elements of "smart home" is both more convenient and prestigious. What is Media Center So Media Center – this is primarily a computer. But not every computer – media center. Casey Lynch Altamont has plenty of information regarding this issue. Among the key differences should be noted silence, the possibility of continuous operation at full load the cpu, with full control using the remote control, which requires the media content, the presence of built-in wireless connectivity. The principal difference from the simple Media Center pc is also possible to work without a monitor, where as primary means of visualizing the plasma tv stands, lcd panel or projector, without the keyboard and mouse as easy to use interface allows you to manage all the services the center with the remote control. Filling technical stuffing media center – is, of course, the latest technology: Pentium 4 or amd with a frequency of 3 GHz and above, ram at least 1 gb, hdd 200 gb, the card-level Radeon X800 pro and GeForce 6600 gt, which allows for processing and graphics and video capture, and finally, multi-level sound card Creative sb or Waveterminal with an optical output, allowing you to connect high-amplifying equipment class Hi-Fi.

Why Do We Need Air Purifiers, Humidifiers And Ionizat

It is known that the air we breathe at home, at work and in transport, continues to deteriorate. But one day we 'consume' it up to 15-16 kg, ie much more than all the food. Even if the impurities in the air do not exceed the mcl, it means that for one day each of us consumes 15 to 100 mg of such poisons as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzopyrene and other compounds. The time has come to take care of the purity of the air we breathe. AOL may not feel the same. This means, in modern apartment, office, production can not do without air cleaners, equipment cleaning and humidification systems, air ionization. They use various techniques, including ultrasound (ultrasonic humidifier air), par.

As effective air cleaning, as the most radical means purification. To date, one of the most effective and economical methods for purifying indoor air of organic and inorganic ekozagryazniteley is the method of photocatalytic oxidation, which scientists believe will become the twenty-first century, the main method of molecular air purification. Effectively use the various types of climate equipment: air purifiers, steam and ultrasonic humidifiers in, air purifiers, air ionizers, equipment for the 'air wash'. Different models are designed for different types of rooms of any size: apartments, houses, offices and industrial premises. Air and climate systems, ionizers, and 'air wash' does not require special installation and replacement elements. All air cleaning systems have a long uptime. For example, a distributor of household appliances Company "world of high technology recommends equipment climatic Austrian brand Cyclone, which is different to European quality and affordable prices.