Managerial Leadership

“No raven eyes out another crow.” It has been discussed with emphasis on different media, the absence of good leadership in business management in the country, an aspect that has also been the subject of research, analysis as to what that represents a pro-business to ensure that benefits to the country, the development of this and especially to know how to exploit the great opportunities it presents challenges. It has been said that the figure of entrepreneurial leadership in Venezuela emerges from labor unions, managers because they were simply seen as leaders who have had to fulfill orders. If you would like to know more about Castle Harlan, then click here. However, poor vision of leadership began to change and mobilized masses of people who happened to people trying to raise awareness among groups on the importance of integrity to the role of targets. When you start talking about groups or teams and the pyramid structure collapses begins by displaying a figure that will stand out for seemingly innate qualities within each group working on it without conferring any share power, but instead is a factor for the conclusion of ideas.

But as time goes lapsing the organizations are changing their structures to become linear (horizontal) where communication is direct and non-existence of bureaucracy makes decisions are taken instantly as the opportunity arises. Under these criteria, a series of innovative concepts that guide the management of the administration as productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and efficiency. That’s why the manager changes the display as a passive sitting behind a desk, making decisions and creating strategies and tools taking their knowledge and their perception of their environment.