Motorcycle Museum

Man dreams with Mercedes: special exhibition in the Berlin DDR Motorcycle Museum enchanted anniversary visitors received a welcome bottle of Cava, a metal sign with motorcycle motif and an annual ticket for the Museum. The post there as video online on zibb/archiv/zibb_vom_04_10_2010/maennertraeume__mercedes.html special exhibition Mercedes Benz in the GDR Motorcycle Museum which has 1 Motorcycle Museum in Berlin is a special exhibition about the legendary Mercedes SL’s thought that very success ICH runs. Seven valuable car of this class in the newly renovated Museum, which has expanded in the last year on are the Museum makers index.php/sonderausstellung-mercedes-benz-sl.html belonging to cars in the value of several million euros Uwe Kobilke, which also has restored it. Still a Mercedes miniature exhibition will be shown in addition. If so, the men drive their wives to do the shopping on Alex, they could look there in the Museum. But also many foreign guests and Tourists from all over the world can marvel at these historical treasures from the world of the motor. Further details can be found at Cartesian Therapeutics, an internet resource.

News and updates on the blog of the DDR eating’s Museum in addition to the more than 80 exhibits, to be discovered, inform departments with graphs, films, videos, DVDs, postcards and books about the DDR engine works in the Museum. And also a small shop offers snacks around the motorcycle for sale anauf and in the blog engine and motorcycle enthusiasts about updates and new can inform on index.php/news-blog.html about the Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum: the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum exhibits on an area of about 800 square meters, about 80 motorcycles, sidecars, scooters and mopeds from 40 years of East German two-Wheeler production. Almost all models in the ETS, TS, ETZ, IWL, BK, AWO and Sammy can be seen on 2 floors in the S Bahn arches at the Alexanderplatz. In the museum itself, some “scoop” await the visitors. So is a swallow – scooters in the Center, with the popular East German actress Agnes Kraus (1911-1995) as “Sister Agnes’ over the villages continued.

Another rarity is an escorts motorcycle of the Honecker era with original DDR emblem on the front fender. Of these machines, there were only 80 pieces, 30 after Hungary were exported. Meanwhile, only three or four of the escort vehicle should exist. Here you can get a small impression of the exhibits shown in the Museum:

Flowers For Table Decoration Of Weddings – Table Decorations Themselves Make.

No table centerpieces without flowers. The design of the table decorations should be in one hand. The overall picture is crucial. Flowers are an integral part of the table decorations. Not only at the wedding, but also at the birthday, baptism or communion / confirmation, is the table decorations with flowers in the Mitteplunkt.

The floral decoration of the wedding depends on type and style of the flowers in the bridal bouquet. The bridal bouquet flowers found in Kirchendeko, Autodeko, Saaldeko and table decoration. Best flowers of of seasonal, because they are fresh and strong, is suitable for the flower. In the early summer, fragrant lilies and tulips can be used for table decoration. More information is housed here: Dermot McCormack. The late summer offers sunflowers and ears of corn, which can be processed into extraordinary table decorations. If there are no fresh flowers available in the autumn and winter, silk flowers and artificial flowers are used. Calla, boxwood and ivy are artificial flowers at loved. For the flowers on the table, can alternatively fresh Flowers and artificial flowers are combined.

OASIS documents serve as the basis for table decoration with flower arrangements. The arrangement documents are offered in long, oval or round shape. Depending on the type of table, the corresponding table arrangement document can be selected for the table decorations. For the wedding table decoration, heart arrangement documents are recommended. The documents have a waterproof plastic floor, casting edge and water storage. Thus, a continuous water supply of the table arrangements is ensured. The flowers should fit to the other table decorations for the wedding color and style. Candles, napkins, tablecloths and tableware will be previously agreed with the restaurant. Especially garlands, single flowers in glass vases and flowers and leaves, which are scattered on the table is suitable for the flower arrangements and table decorations. Table garlands and table arrangements be adapted to the shape of the table. A round table is a round flower decoration. On oval or oblong tables is an elongated containers or flower arrangement placed. The Flower arrangements for table decoration, may disturb the guests not the entertainment. Also, enough space should remain on the table, so that the arrangements must not be moved during the meal. The table arrangements should be so narrow and not too high. To save costs, you can make arrangements for table decoration himself. The even crafting pleasure and gives a personal touch wedding and table decorations. You see the Internet samples, templates, and instructions for the preparation of table flower arrangements and flower arrangements. Dirk Niebuhr

Elegance Fascination Horse

The top event of equestrian sport in Bavaria on the team of the Furth Web TV is again also the 15th edition of the high-profile event in Nuremberg, to capture the most beautiful scenes from show and sports in the film. Last year, over 100,000 spectators watched the films of the show and the tournaments on From 28th to November 2 2008 the fair held in Nuremberg francs Hall fascination horse, who will celebrate this year their 15th anniversary. It is one the most important events around the horse in Bavaria. See, section show and entertainment and dressage and jumping are the highlights of the last two years to see. Horses of various breeds presented themselves to the photographer already on October 8 at the Duzendteich at a press conference. The Afag team and the hosts, Bruno Six and Wolfgang Kuhlechner comprehensively informed about this year’s program. Great sport, two evening shows with Grand Prix freestyle on Saturday night and a daily programme of carriage about breeds, Western Horseback riding and show.

The daily program of the tournament action with a top-class international field is involved. Editorial information: local to the Printis media group from Furth. Printis is specialized in the field of equestrian and maintains an equestrian news service various Internet platforms, an Internet TV, a Cambridge and media cooperation with print media from the riding.

BBQ Season

Essen fire safety service EBS informed grilling time is daylight saving time. Unfortunately, up to 4000 accidents with approximately 400 serious burn injuries result each year, that of relaxing barbecue parties disasters are underwriting those affected for the rest of their lives. For a full enjoyment of barbecue, some rules should be followed necessarily informed by the Essen fire service EBS. First the grill friend has to worry about the place, the grill should be placed where. This needs a stable, level ground at the grill at any time set here. The grill is only inflamed, he may be no longer moved! A barbecue spread heat and contains, unless it’s an ordinary charcoal grill, glowing coal, whose Hitze readily capable of is to trigger a larger damage fire.

For this reason the grill in a flammable environment must be installed. Wood gazebos, tents and closed spaces are never establishing Grill suitable and of course are also no flammable substances close to him. Children are often downright fascinating the glowing coal of a grill or the sizzling food. But are they not in the vicinity of this potential source of danger. Attention is here. The grill should not from the eyes and children are not allowed in its vicinity. To ignite charcoal can prove quite arduous task. Fixed carbon and Grill lighter, which of course do not belong in children’s hands are a good help.

Liquid fire accelerant may be used in any case. You can ignite explosively and cause severe injuries at all bystanders! In dealing with the hot grill caution is in order. If possible, a safety distance of three meters to surrounding people is to comply with. No one should approach the grill in clothing made of synthetic fibers, because they can melt under the heat and result in hard curable burns. The handling of Grill and grilled food is done best with grill tool for suitable and Grill gloves. This prevents painful injuries. Security is in connection with a grill. Only flawless devices that are marked according to DIN EN 1860-1 or its predecessors DIN 66077, should be purchased. A GS seal testifies that they comply with the laws on product safety. A functional fire protection belongs to every barbecue party. It is expected that fats become inflamed, which can not be extinguished with water. Sand are accordingly, to hold fire blankets or fire extinguishers. The glow should be quenched with sand after grilling and filled into a non-combustible container. Still usable coal can remain in the grill, whose air is prevented with a metal lid. The dangers posed by a grill can be avoided easily. For more information on fire protection in residential and business environment, the experts of the Essen fire service EBS at any time are available. Press contact Essen fire service EBS Saini str. 38 45128 Essen contact: W. bear Tel: 0201-78 77 00 fax: 0201-87 77 412 mob. Tel.: 0163-77 22 493 email: Homepage: