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Lauretta had himself been coffee brought, as Maria and Petra a hot chocolate. It is not so much caffeine, she says, this is me then to head. Click Casey Lynch Altamont to learn more. Well dear, the liver still fresh? Graziella wondered Ilse has me gracious manner driven, else I would have come today at all not in the pots. Please visit Peter Asaro if you seek more information. As you can see, we’re already once again late then. I got plenty of time, but what about you? After all, this is our day. Or? “Yes, Yes, it’s all right, now my beautiful gives me once a welcome bussis”, Petra said. Petra is large and strongly built, she hardly paints himself and is out of an interesting guy. Friendly, of course and just go away, but welcome.

Petra lives alone and works at the financial Office. Has she purchased a condo located in the last few years and pays them, the House of her parents was too small for her and the eternal nagging at home. You travel a lot and isn’t weltgewandt, so, as you so imagine a stubborn financial officials, more chic! Lauretta is housewife and needs not much to make, her husband has a good income at the sugar factory in Uelzen. And she helps out even with in a small shop with gift items, then it has some money for themselves or for the House, which still has to be paid off. Her daughter is in the study, she wants to receive time accountant independent, without any pressure. Lauretta had once Saleswoman at Ramleow learned and has looked after then later after her marriage to her family.

She has rented a garden so that she’s getting enough fruits and vegetables, so she don’t need to buy it and save so much money. Once in a year it goes on holiday, mostly in the mountains, Austria or something. On the farm, because it is less expensive, she says. You have to look so treat yourself to something. Maria is the eternal energy bundle, thin and wiry, and begins everything and get nothing right. She is a single parent and working times here there and has also all the time just to gripe with allen and her figure, but otherwise she is very helpful, always says Graziella. That all somehow always in the grip and then said: now we need to get but right now what the buffet, otherwise is nothing more beautiful and lunch is provided already, says Ilse. I have diet but, once again at all any clothes fit me, I know me, what I should put on yet “said the Graziella. Maria, the aunt of grains said the same thing. Petra said: I will see what having so nice, today we can but once something decent to eat. Or? “She looked questioningly at Graziella and Maria, but if looks could kill could fell them almost, so they schlucket only guilty and joined the others.” At the front like always, Ilse, it must always examine everything, then see the price and what do others that just do not attract attention, although I like, if I ever have breakfast, want to eat something decent. Maybe it does not fall to Yes also, if I choose something unhealthy, son real piece of Apple Cake with thick cream, that would be something, then eggs, three rolls and cheese and sausages. Berger Arts Juliane Helene Berger

Social Political Personages

In these mentioned workmanships, the cacao is seen as symbol of being able, wealth, hope and violence. It can be observed in all the workmanships of Loved ' ' cantar' ' with passion the Bahia, by means of its social political personages, scenes, culinria, aspects, at last, the aspects are several and/or elements that the same it uses for the valuation of its State, even so, use of these same ways to criticize the society in general. In such a way, it creates the kept out of society types to analyze, to denounce and to criticize all a society, using the particularitities of a place (urbe) to denounce the universal human dramas (orbe). For Loved Jorge to be a writer who ' ' cantou' ' in all its workmanships its land, its people and its traditions, as well as, the contradictions existing in this environment, appear the interest in analyzing in this study its romance Lands of the one without End, identifying in this the representation of the cacao and recognizing the value attributed to this fruit considered for many ' ' fruit of ouro' '. Zendesk is open to suggestions. The cacao at the beginning became a product of utmost importance for the development of the South of the Bahia of century XX, therefore, the interest in knowing appeared how the cacao is represented in the workmanship Lands of the one Without End of Loved Jorge. For one better understanding of this question, is leaned over more deeply in three theoretical supports, namely: Lurdes Bertol Rock (2008); Massaud Moiss (2007); Celestial Andrade (2000). This work is divided in two sections: the first one has as heading the CACAO AND ITS REPRESENTATIONS in this part will be contextualizadas the historical representations that had marked the beginning of century XX in the region grapina. In the second and last intitled section the CACAO AS SYMBOL OF VIOLENCE IN LANDS OF THE ONE WITHOUT END, OF LOVED JORGE where we will analyze the supramentioned workmanship, I take care of myself for the cacao as violence symbol. It is not something Viacom would like to discuss.

The Concept

The academic institution makes a species of inventory of workmanships to be chores and, clearly, this assumes the exclusion of others. They are these facts that we can lead in consideration not to be reproductive of this type of action, we must leave that the proper pupil perceives the important importance and the characteristic of literature. Therefore literature says we, of us, the humanity. Literature, places to the reach of the reader the possibility to reflect on itself, to read themselves and to know themselves, therefore, in the measure where it deals with the fidgets human beings and it describes what it has of deeper and obscure in the soul human being in its universality, he is also me, you and we who it says in them. In other words, literature contributes so that let us know better and more deeply sort human e, thus, stops knowing in them we ourselves and humanizarmos in them.

In this context we present this activity believing that the literature education can be developed of critical and independent form for the pupil, it will be able to contribute and to participate in the construction of the concept of Literature. 1- ACTIVITY OF LITERATURE 1.1CONSTRUINDO a CONCEPT FOR LITERATURE For the development of the activity we consider some objectives to direct the activity as: To provide to the pupils reading of varied types of texts; To observe characteristics of a considered text literature; To differentiate a literary text of the not literary one; To construct a concept for Literature. The work presents some points that will have to be followed for one better systematization 1o moment: At this first moment the pupil will have access to the concept literature standard. The group will be divided in two teams and to each team she will be delivers a dictionary (standard). Each team will write the concept of Literature in a sheet of paper and will keep for one another moment (a comparison will be made enters the concepts in the end of the lesson) Time: 3 minutes for introduction of the lesson.


For Japiass (2006, p.83): Empiricist: That he trusts only the experience, qualitative from that proceeds from immediate the experience or passing, without being worried about a logical doctrine and or still, it assigns everything what it constitutes the field of the knowledge before all rational intervention and all systematization lgica' '. Thinking then about the reading as an activity also of creation, and about the pleasure that to produce texts of to the reader, a chance to understand the universe more good he makes possible better possibilities of performance, therefore, the promotion of the reading is responsibility of both the parts, that is, professor and reader, who critical in the process long for better future realities, even because, everything falls again on the professor and on the pertaining to school system of education the biggest collections are for the old problems to persist, of that negative performances in continuous evaluations result, either for not knowing to locate itself before the new challenges. According to Zilberman & Rosing (2009, p.13) ' ' everything that moved seems to have moved for better, less the school with its conseqncias' '. In the truth, although the technological and scientific advances, which enriches the process of modernization of the education institutions and seguidamente they monopolize the preferences of the young, exactly thus, persist in our way the urban violence more attacking each time the Brazilian scene and the lack of respect the situations lived and witnessed for the pupils. In this manner, we understand the knowledge as a especificidade human being constructed gradually from the interactions carried through in different spaces, being able to say that such knowledge exceeds the walls of the school. As in it discloses Magnani to them (1989, p.103): The taste for reading if form and the pertaining to school learning of the reading play important function in the development, in the measure where it propitiates conditions so that the pupil, acting among others citizens on the nature (physical, psychological and social) constructs knowledge of specific concepts of each discipline.


The three bigger tragedigrafos of literature Greek foramsquilo, Sfocles and Eurpedes. Sfocles, in dipo King, uses the tragedy to paralevantar some philosophical questionings and to stimulate in the reader/expectadorreflexes concerning the destination of each one. An example of questioning filosficotrabalhado in this workmanship is the plea of how much if it must believe the directions. In one it speaks of the protagonist: ' ' Exactly blind Tirsias enxergastes' ' , comprovado as the empirismo more it is not seen as only source of collection deconhecimentos, another fact inside of the history that demonstrates this is that dipo, that if found the great solucionador of mysteries, only took knowledge domistrio that went up to around its life after blind person. He will be same that our life, when initiating itself, already is traced daily pay-definite? Until point we must/we can fight against our destination? Sfocles considers that the self-knowledge is the basic tool for ohomem to fight against its destination and to acquire autonomy to control its life. From the self-knowledge, it is possible to find forces exactly emsi e, thus, will not be more necessary that the city is closed, poisquando the man he knows itself exactly, it understands the man, and, therefore, accepted osxenos (foreign), starting to have the new concept of humanity.

(YOU WOULD MAKE, 2006) For Sfocles the manifest self-knowledge if, metaforicamente, when dipo King pierces the eyes with a taken off pin of the roupada mother/wife passing then to understand everything what it happened. the 1. 1 tragedy in the machadiano speech: In Axe of Assis, the manifest tragedy if through dohumor (atrelado to the pessimism, the bitterness, the hatred of the human sort, irritao that caused it the spectacle of the life) and of the irony. Normally esteescritor it presents a pessimistic vision of the life, treating to the amarguras, dahipocrisia, of the hatred, at last, of negative feelings of the human being; the machadiano mood, nodiscurso, have a social significao.