Like Cleaning The Teeth

To clean the teeth must comprise of our personal hygiene, but of conscientious and correct form, taking us the necessary time so that the dental cleaning arrives at all the dental intercicios and the buccal cavity. Our teeth have to do with our good presence and from it we will be able to unfold an ample smile without being put under the inconvenience to cover our mouth whenever we wished to smile. So that the cleaning of the teeth fulfills its objective correctly will only be necessary to follow some simple and operative advice, beginning to speak of our dental brush. Often we bought once it we forgot that this one undergoes a wearing down and therefore needs a spare part at least every three months although we see still it like new because between his bristles they are the bacterial residues and then it will be necessary to reject it. Tommonos some minutes to dedicate to him to the cleaning of our teeth, we think that we are going to clean them one by one. We are going to begin cepillando them of vertical form and to circulate all their frontal part around at least about thirty seconds as much the set of teeth superior as the inferior individually. Once we finished the frontal part we continued with the cleaning on each one of the tooth of horizontal form.

Immediately we continued with the internal part of molares and premolares of vertical and circular form from enca to the dental surface. With the brush to 45 we happened to clean the intercicios of the teeth. The cleaning of the teeth will have finished when we pass a dental thread between each dental cavity but not yet we finish the cleaning until the language is not totally clean. For it, we will take a gauze to maintain it and will scrape the language with an indicated brush and if we lack him we can do it with a teaspoon. We scrape the language and we rinsed the mouth between each scraped. Finally we will become crops with a mouthwash. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andy Florance. Just at this moment we can say that we have finalized the cleaning of our teeth.