Conscious parenting, and environmental education have now become increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that mankind is coming to an inevitable choice that affects the ability later in life to our planet. Earth – an unusually warm and beautiful planet in the cold darkness of space, and may we all come to it is not accidental, but in order to meet us with the most expensive people, souls learn and teach each another, learn their lessons and become a little more sophisticated. It is from this point of view sees the birth of conscious parenting philosophy. But even if before the birth of a baby you have lived a normal life, then looking into his eyes, you suddenly understand that the unlimited love him in return.

And this love requires a change in your life. Changes, of course, the better, because life is full of meaning, children's smiles and laughter. The desire to understand the baby leads to the idea that because he had so far only part of nature, everything that he needs to be the most natural and natural. But what is most natural for a baby? Of course, to be as close to my mother, to hear her voice and even heartbeat, as it did for nine months. But if the kid all the time on his hands, the joy of communicating with them quickly is because my mother can not do anything either for ourselves or for loved ones. So comes to the rescue ancient invention – a sling, or sling, as they are called. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through.

Slings come in two forms-dvuhkolechnye slings and slings-scarves. Dvuhkolechny sling is useful in the early months of baby's life, and to perform household chores together with the baby. But the child grows and approximately half becomes more comfortable sling-scarf, which evenly distributes the weight of the baby on both shoulders, making my mother's posture is smooth and beautiful. On the example of the sling, we saw that the whole care of the newborn can be arranged so that was convenient for him and his parents. And all the beautiful solutions in this area – is well forgotten old. Innovation, such as disposable diapers suitable only parents who have children are quickly emerging diaper rash, and on the legs and tummy are traces of rezinochek diapers. Output there are natural diapers, which come into contact with the skin baby only natural materials – Cotton, specially treated soft wool, wild silk. Wild (buretny) silk has antibacterial properties, inserts in the diapers of a natural silk help to eliminate chafing and inflammation. The objection is that natural systems are expensive swaddling, actually have no foundation. After all, if you count the cost of diapers for the duration of their use, natural diapers are cheaper. In addition, disposable diapers have to use longer, since they are in the baby longer accustomed to the pot. With natural habituation to clean diapers is also a natural and simple as this was intended by nature. In order to retain their natural diapers properties of natural remedies recommended to wash laundry. However, all chemical facilities to take care of the house and the skin from birth better substitute for natural ones. Back to nature, we remember what our ancestors did of old natural soap, very gently cleanses the skin. Soap nuts, which can be used instead of soap is perfect for washing and bathing. It turns out that to make your home cozier and friendlier to the environment is quite simple. Only in this house it is possible to environmental education and conscious parenting.