The educative process implies the crossing, the conflict, or demands contribution between factors related with the diverse dimensions of the person human being: afectiva, ethics, technique, intellectual, corporal, avaliativa? In the ideal plan, all these dimensions would have to be combined in the all that is the personality human being, of the individual and social point of view. Therefore, the least as ideal, the educative process aims at to the totality of the man ‘ ‘ (GILES, 1983:27) the man, this being, still mysterious in many of its aspects and/or dimensions, constitutes, at the beginning of century XXI and of the third millenium, according to chronology of our calendar occidental person, a true enigma and, perhaps therefore, not yet obtained, in the territory, that physically inhabits and thinks to know, the stability, the tranquilidade and the balanced development enters all the individuals of its proper species, at last, the true dignity of the condition human being, even so weighs the advances that, relatively to the studied antiquity, if they have verified, mainly in what it respects to the life hope, as well as in plus some aspects of the involving materiality. Then, which the reasons and which the solutions to get excited, for better, the current situation of this exactly Man, integrant of a world in constant alteration, even in the aspects most natural of its constitution. For even more opinions, read materials from Bobby Sharma Bluestone. That it lacks to this Man, pparently, so ‘ ‘ powerful? ‘ ‘ If it is certain that, traditionally, if it unites with the science notion, the knowledge concept and, in this perspective, if they analyze, also, the diverse ways to understand the world, being able here to be distinguished some of the classic levels: spontaneous knowledge or common sense; scientific knowledge, this with one has supported current of techniques, technologies and equipment and considered as a recent victory of the humanity, mainly from century XVII with the revolutions Coperniciana and Galileica…

The System

The system of rights defended by Habermas, have-of containing, exactamente, the rights that the citizens have that to attribute themselves and to recognize themselves, mutually, if wanting legitimately to regulate its convivncia with the ways it positive law. In the truth, the perspective Habermasiana (1998: 188): ' ' The meaning of the expressions: ' ' right positivo' ' ' ' regulation legtima' ' it is clearly and with the concept of legal form, which stabilizes social expectations of behavior in indicated way, and the beginning of the speech, whose light if can examine the legitimacy of the norms of aco.' ' Habermas introduces, then, three categories of rights that integrate the code that is the right of being able, the status of legal people (1998: 188): ) ' ' Basic rights that result of the development and configuration politically autonomous of the right in the biggest possible degree to help subjective freedoms of share; b) Basic rights that result of the politically autonomous development and configuration of the status of the member of the voluntary association that is the legal community; c) Basic rights that result directamente of the accionabilidade of the rights, that is, of the possibility to legally complain its fulfilment and of the politically autonomous development and configuration of the proteco of the rights individuais.' ' It is, therefore, from those basic rights: equal subjective freedoms of share; status of the legal community and proteco of the individual rights that emerge the essential rights, to participate with equality of chances in processes of formation of the public opinion, in the common will of the citizens in exerting its autonomy politics, by means of that they establish legitimate right. Michael Dell understood the implications. The rights politicians establish the status of free and equal citizens, who they constitute self-reference, making possible to the citizens to change its position legal-material; with the purpose to interpret, to develop and to configure, by means of the exchange of its private autonomy and its public autonomy. .


Indifferent what they say the great majority of the people, on what the preconception says respect, as being a maleficent and abominable thing. As being a thing that if would not have to exist. Clearly that in surplus, everything that exists, it can be yes harmful the convivncia of the humanity, but, more important of what the point of view of a daily pay-judgment, is of the intolerncia. With everything, the preconception if more deeply to analyze a little and without masks using it of the hypocrisy, we see that this type of attitude, in all human being, is existing, of latent form or not. a defense necessary, to be able themselves to prevent to the times, some types of risk situations, or that they do not condizem with its historical thought/, that fits its creation, before the same ones happen.

This placing in the positive direction in what he is relative to the preconception. We are not speaking here of the extremism of the daily pay-judgment, but, of a thing that never will be extinguished of the mind of the man. At least a light preconception. We have yes, nowadays, is to take very well-taken care of with another aspect of the personality human being, much more dangerous who prejudging. The intolerncia. This yes, in turn, fits to the most barbarous events already happened in the world the rejection. By means of the intolerncia, that if develops farpas, that they attack the good relationship between the peoples, the societies, familiar. The preconception always will exist, in all human judgment, wants wants wants not.

What it goes to remain the men is if to control so that this does not finish if becoming a intolerante extremism the point to cause damage to the next one. While to exist the intolerncia, I say this in all the aspects, will not have peace, therefore the radicals, always are blind, without being able of judgment. Then, let us be more tolerant, even with we ourselves. Thus we will be more apt to analyze everything and all basically, and only thus, with the knowledge, the preconception is reduced the acceptable levels.

The Conception Of The Man In Karl Marx

The man in the conception of Karl Marx 1. The influence of the historical materialism in the conception of the man the marxist conception of the man was influenced by the historicista philosophy of Hegel and the materialistic anthropology of Feuerbach. This understands the man as to be sensible and that one understands the history of the philosophy as manifestation of the absolute spirit that happens in the proper history and whose conscience of the same if of the one in the man. Marx is materialistic because she considers the substance as only reality that exists in fact. The supply-sensible objects treated by metaphysics are inexistent. It breaches as already he had made its predecessors with the medieval conception of the man, that is, with the idea of the origin of the man of a transcendental source.

The phenomenon God inexists in the marxist philosophy, therefore, it is incorporeal. The man is understood from the social relations. These occur throughout history for influence of the production relations. Marx establishes the concept of historical materialism end to understand these relations of production. It explains the history of the societies leaving of the material relations that are marked by the antagonism of classrooms.

2. Conception of the nature human being Marx when treating on the nature human being retakes the conception feuerbariana that conceives the man as to be of lack. The difference between the man and the animals in the aspect of the necessity is that these ' ' they act of unconscious, not-cumulative form, only in reply to its immediate privations, and having as naturais&#039 has limited the conditions; ' (One has touched of classics, p 32). That is, the animals are beings of necessities that have as it has limited the natural conditions, the man, however it is capable to surpass them from the interaction and transformation of the nature.

The Idea

Coming back toward natural sciences it has an interesting point that it is the analysis of the idea of the cumulative one. The idea of the cumulative one cannot be analyzed radically. The current society tends to on account make this of the accented technological advance, however, this cannot be interpreted of form to disdain what it came before. Some generalized analyses put the technology as made exclusiveness of our time disrespecting the great ones of the history of the humanity, what it would be a grotesco error. What if it can have is a new perception of the reality, but without discarding or unilaterally analyzing the construction knowing of them. For example, as I go to affirm that one ' ' outro' ' paradigm does not function more, or still, as goes to communicate itself with that they defend the established paradigm? Taking the example presented, to become more clearly, as the Darwins go to communicate themselves with whom they can come to defend Lamarck? If paradigms possess in itself, completely distinct vision would not be possible the communication between them. To defend such argument, Kuhn affirms that a paradigm change does not mean an abandonment complete of the previous paradigm. I go to come back to the example: to arrive itself at the darwinismo it had demasiadamente important additions in the previous theories, and exists common concepts the two theories. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter.

She does not have one total impossibility of comparison or quarrel between the competing paradigms. This, by the way, also allows the consolidation of a new paradigm. Elements or concepts that are common the two situations, but, without a reduction of the new in relation to the previous paradigm. What it goes to determine the new paradigm they are the possibilities of answers to the against-examples that the previous paradigm did not give account to answer. It is important to stand out that the against-examples allow a taking of position in search of new possibilities of answers.


In this direction the values had acquired in the current days a great importance and started to be tematizao object. This relativismo which we speak above in them led not to possess safe criteria that in the light one to distinguish the good from the evil, beauty of the ugly one, the certain the wrong one, everything is relative and depends on the conception of each one. Everything this took in them to a great crisis of values. They are not more as invariant and yes before dumb at every moment as the desire of the humanity. Nietzsche it corroborates with us when it comes to affirm that absolute values do not exist. These are always product of vehemence egoistic of the individuals. One of the biggest crises that we face today in the hodiernos days is in the models and the familiar relations.

That family model was passed to we for our ancestor? which model of family who the society has today in the presented one? Being in the family the place where we acquire our values first. Our families today are in crisis, for this changeability of models that we have today. With the sped up addition of the dissolution marriage, where they start to exist new types of unions, where nor the parents not even the school is prepared to teach to the children this new present reality in the society. Ahead of this reality where the values are relative and subjective, and they are they that conduct the world, becomes necessary terms a new conformity around the values and that this in them serves of signal for terms each time plus a society pautada in the ethical and igualitrios values, thus to conquer consequently a good convivncia wants either particular or universal.

Stable Economy

How much the rendering of accounts, all the receipts and notes are annexed in notebook (cash register book) where all know of the expenditures and prescriptions and leftovers of the enterprise. However, the involved workers in the economic enterprises feel difficulties in the management of the enterprise, because they had never had before contact with a work organization where they are authors of all the processes. They demonstrate much difficulty with financial planejamentos, projections decompra, production and sales, but know to distinguish prescriptions and expenditures. An important question is that the levels of development of each enterprise and its components are differentiated in relation to the feeling of property and control on the fruits of the proper work, on the determination of what, as and why to produce definitive product. Many do not know to explain or find that only some of the group know to explain.

4. Conclusions the process of politicosocial awareness, as aspect of the human development or the person involved human being in the solidary economy, comes if constructing from the aggregation of the concrete experiences of the citizens in daily making of the solidary economic enterprises and in the participation of the same ones in decurrent formative and informative activities of the proper organization of the solidary economy in fruns, incubadoras and other spaces. One perceives that in this set of situations, the people, members of the enterprises economic solidary, if they appropriate of types of adequate behaviors to the proposal of Solidary Economy and diverse information, developing knowledge on itself exactly, the work, the society, on the community, creating consistency and identity of group. At the same time, one perceives that the speech of the social citizens, of the solidary economy, establishes the bond between what it is and what if it intends that it is, therefore its action results directly of the reading that such collective citizen carries through on the reality.

The Professor

The investments in graduation and after-graduation …. Without economy, also the education does not progress because we live in a capitalist society and the education is one of the basic necessities of the man which needs to remain itself financially. Thus, all the books, the majority of the texts of the contemporaneidade around the education, speak of education as one to make politician, an act politician, where all the social groups have that to be involved. (Teacher 1) the education cannot leave of being an act economic politician and. Many professionals of the education say that the government has the obligation to keep the wage in day, to make continued formation, qualifications, but they forget that also it is its obligation to return these investments for the society, through an education of quality, ideal. If it does not make this, certainly goes to leave damage for the community.

A disapproved pupil is damage for education because the entire year is invested in this pupil: in merenda, in the material he is invested in the professor and if the professor not to take serious this investment, when to arrive the end of the year and it will not have developed what it considered itself, certainly will have economic damage not only in the life of the pupil or the professor, but of all the society. (Teacher 2) In this perspective of vision, in accordance with the conception of Foucault, is demanded that the individual schools and other educational establishments act each time more than agreement with a species of logic of ' ' mercado' ' competitive in the interior of an invented system of institucional and practical forms. (1994, P. 220 HISSES,) In this manner, the education is seen as a factor economic, where the school nothing more is of what a company capable to manage in competitive way where the pupils they are the consuming customers and parents.

World Cup

Turn all your negatives into positives. The main thing that found no denial. Instead of "I'm sick that I interrupted when I'm working" write "I want to work in a calm and quiet place where I can freely concentrate on work." In addition to the words "no" is not Use the "no", "no" and so on. All the words that carry meaning negation or negativity we do not fit. Write down all your Flip on a new blank sheet of paper.

Now let's consider what else do you want? Maybe you want to go to Egypt? Or maybe you want to scuba diving? Or maybe you want to sit on the vip podium in the finals of the World Cup? You might have missed some of his desires, because they have not been expressed in you in a negative way. Write them down in addition to that, the list that already have. Think hard, do not miss. Now let's dream a little. Without any restrictions. Imagine yourself in five years.

How do you want to be? What to have? Where to live? Where rest? Where to work or not work at all? Do not put yourself to any restrictions, just a dream. You see in these dreams that any of what you have on your list of desires? If yes, then go ahead and fit. So done. In the hands of you a list of your desires. Take another look at him. Nothing is missed? Have not forgotten anything? Ca.


But what about the resemblance? And the fern leaves and frosty patterns have a maximum surface area for a given volume. For ferns (and any other plant) necessary for respiration and assimilation of carbon dioxide goes through the leaf surface. In those cases where you need reduce the cost of water to evaporation, plants like cacti, they acquire a spherical shape with a maximum surface area. But to pay for it to decrease the rate of assimilation SO and therefore slowing growth. Water vapor, crystallizing in the cold glass, and form a structure with maximum surface because the rate of loss of free energy at this maximum (the crystals grow from the surface). So the analogy between the crystals and living organisms have heuristic value.

Liquid, pour out of the container under weightless conditions, takes the form of a billiard ball (energy minimum surface tension). But between the game billiard and space flight as much in common, as between the crystallization and growth of a living organism. This does not imply that the crystalline forms of alien life. Here is a good example. Many people know innocuous large mosquitoes, crane-fly, with long fragile legs. Their larvae live in moist soil, feeding on decayed plant remains. Among them you can meet animals, painted in blue with an iridescent shimmer. They seem sluggish, and they really are sick – infected with iridescent virus. In the hemolymph of these larvae can detect amazingly beautiful crystals, glittering like sapphires. The crystals are composed of particles of the virus – virions.