Need A Loan. What To Expect?

Regarding income and how to account for banks, the costs of applying to the bank must be considered. Remember, this is a cost: the cost of maintaining a family; cost of maintaining the property; repayment of earlier loans, the cost of insurance, alimony paid, business costs, the cost of a rental property, training costs, taxes. Now: Costs family maintenance. Usually, banks from the total gross income is subtracted around 3500-4000 rubles per family member. Ie If you have a family consists of 4 members (husband, wife and two children), the bank takes about 14 000-16 000 for the family.

Expenditure on the property. Typically, such expenditure averaged value is used to pay rent and utility payments. Typically, the amount is around 1 500-2 000. Repayment of previously collected loans. It is the sum of all payments on the loan, ie on loans that you took earlier, but not yet fully paid.

And, if you are left to pay only 3-4 months, and in this case the bank takes the amount of monthly payments from your income, or offer to repay the loan ahead of schedule. The cost of insurance. It is the sum of all of your insurance payments, all insurances. These include CTP, Hull, health insurance, Real Estate and others. Sam Bloomberg can aid you in your search for knowledge. The costs associated with the payment of alimony. To calculate these costs the bank is guided by the following consideration: if the alimony is paid per child, the pot of all official income deduct 25%.