Internet Business

One of the big questions that presents every entrepreneur in internet time to start with the design of your business is: you should make a website or a blog?. Finally, these two concepts are paramount in all internet-based business. For this reason, it is necessary that our project, to my way of seeing, present two options: Web site and blog. Here the reasons:-a web site, is ideal to present static content. Information that is not going to be constantly changed or updated (eg: corporate image of our company, mission and vision, list of products, sales of our products, registration forms, letter lists prices, etc).

-The blog allows the handling of content more dynamic (that will be constantly updated), this is the case of news concerning the subject or theme of our business, also allows that visitors interact in a way more direct to send your comments and suggestions in a way more personalized. -While it is true, designing a web site is required for certain technical knowledge in the management of programs such as dreamweaver or html. This also will allow us to better control when making modifications on the visual structure of our web site (text and graphics, position location of elements on the screen, etc.). -The blog is ideal for people who don’t have much technical knowledge, already to make changes in the content and design are made of a very simple and effective way. However, these changes are subject to a design base, this makes this control a bit more limited in this sentido.Como we have seen, these two concepts have their strengths and weaknesses in different contexts. It is for this reason, it is essential that our project use two tools in a conjugated form for you to get the maximum possible benefit.