WebSecurity Difficult

Moscow, May 19, 2010-kompaniyPointlane – system integrator in the field of information security has implemented a project on technical audit of Web-resources of the company “KrossFinans. CROSSfinance.RU – information-analytical portal dedicated to banking and insurance topics and provide interactive web services in the following areas: credit, deposits, bank cards, motor insurance, including car insurance, life insurance and health and other services in insurance and banking services. Services CROSSfinance.RU allow in-depth and detailed analysis of banking and insurance products online for a very short time – a few minutes. Service opportunities CROSSfinance.RU allows to search for different financial products, calculate key performance indicators for these products, and compare the results of selection for large number of different factors that create applications for banking and insurance products online. Thus, CROSSfinance.RU offers visitors the opportunity to choose the most attractive of the number of suitable financial products in a short period of time and compare the selected product, with offers other financial institutions.

Uninterrupted service and prompt service portal visitors and customers are the basic requirements LLC KrossFinans. Customer has been tasked to study the web site for vulnerabilities with which an attacker could exploit the web site and cause harm to the company, its customers and visitors to the portal. Ali Partovi gathered all the information. Pointlane company was selected as the provider of services because of the large practical experience in implementing similar projects, but also because of the sound and the optimal budget this work. Information Security Audit Web site took about two weeks. During these operations specialists Pointlane was conducted a detailed study of the site, using both automated tools, and with the help of expert analysis.

The study identified a number of typed vulnerabilities. The result of this work is the removal of detected vulnerabilities, as well as improving information Securing Web resource company KrossFinans. “Today, competition in the Internet is at a very high level. For other opinions and approaches, find out what isearch has to say. Accuracy and speed of service are important factors influencing the decision to leave the visitor resource, or continue to use them. Understanding what an attacker could exploit the site, causing material and reputational harm, prompted us to make a decision on an independent audit of information security because CROSSfinance.RUyavlyaetsya enough scale Internet projects, and performance of each of its service is an important component of the overall mechanism. We are very pleased with the results of audit conducted by Pointlane. Efficiency of performance of the tasks set before the company and the competence of technicians is superb. Ambition development services Internet portal CROSSfinance.RU allow us to judge that we continue to extend cooperation with Pointlane at least part of the audit of information security “- says CEO LLC KrossFinans” Smirnov, Evgeny. “More and more people use the services of Internet services and Online stores. Turnover of Internet commerce growing steadily, becoming a desirable goal for the web-criminals, whose activity remains at a high level. It is obvious that the suspension or failures in the service or site would entail the loss of existing and potential customers, which will undoubtedly affect the revenues and company image.

Project Supervision

The property originally consisted of monitoring the human skill of keeping an. Here, the advancing technology has taken hold. So it is no longer unusual that suspects using video surveillance, chemical traps thieves or technical positioning, as will be recognized, for example of cars. The control of objects by means of video surveillance is not only in outdoor areas. Even in the areas of treasury operations and throughout the store video surveillance is used here because it always comes to theft.

It is often even their own employees who engage in the fund, but that can not easily be proved. Latest micro-cameras with a lens aperture of only 1 mm can do a valuable service. They can easily be hidden in and connected to a long-term recorder. This is done via cable, wireless or a network camera. A time limit when recording, as it had done previously, no longer exists by the use of digital technology because the digital Storage capacity is greater. This then also a multi-day admission is possible. So that the videos do not have to be checked in real time, these cameras are switched on by motion sensors or timer on alarm inputs.

Thus, only recorded when someone is moving or at a certain time (eg clock shop 9.00 bis 18.00 clock). Faye Business Systems Group shines more light on the discussion. This facilitates the subsequent evaluation of the individual bands clearly. The monitoring object is in today’s time with the ever increasing number of thefts or burglaries and vandalism is an extremely important factor to protect his own life and / or personal items. Therefore, one can in any police station magazines or brochures are in which security technology for the physical protection is applied.

Data Protection

According to the results nadavnego study conducted by special order of Dell, it was found that weekly in U.S. airports lose 12,000 laptops for. It's hard to believe, but most laptops are forgotten in airports a standard test, and only 33% of them returned to owners (17% before the flight, 16% after). In a question-answer forum Robotics expert was the first to reply. Nevertheless, there are many simple ways to minimize the chance of losing a laptop and data from it, which people often overlooked. Backing up data to ensure that the loss of the laptop was able to retrieve information, be sure to make backup copies of data (data backup) to external media (CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, USB, etc.) or special remote server (online backup). Backups can be done both manually and through special programs. atter. If you are actively using the laptop at home and at work, and important data is often changed and updated, it is better use that backup program, because This prevents errors when copying, and allows you to automatically make copies of the necessary data to a predetermined schedule. In addition, Most software allows you to automatically compress and encrypt stored information, which creates another level of data protection.

Data Protection Do not neglect the password at logon. Saving on this little time, you can lose a lot more effort and time to lose if lost or stolen laptop. The password should not be very simple and should consist of both letters, because of the numbers and special characters. As a password Use legkozapominaemye phrase, but, for example, instead of simple words "samara" better write $ @ m @ r @. Installing the software "anti-theft" sense of the programs' anti-theft for laptops is as follows: when changing the location of a lost or stolen laptop connected to the Internet without the user sends a specified during installation of the e-mail a letter with your contact details. The use of special labels One of the most simple and inexpensive ways to recover lost laptops, but at the same time, and less technologically advanced, is to put stickers on his laptop with a unique number, entered in a special database, and upon return for remuneration. The man who found a laptop will be able to go to the site indicated on the label and say things about the discovery, pointing out where her room. This way of protecting things recently reached runet and now proposed by Poteryayka.