Prime Minister

An article to the image-boycott movement on the Internet much was talked about the Bild(Zeitung?) in the last few days in social networks about a possible ban. However, a ban is not useful because it is a form of censorship and as well as any form of censorship hurt press freedom. If now however via Facebook this is calling his kiosk owner, bakers etc to urge that he not sold the painting, then thats not censorship, but a modern form of the boycott and a boycott can support everyone its an own conscience. Image and the Greece debate good arguments against a buying and selling the Bild Zeitung is there enough, organizes how in the Bild Zeitung mood for or against an issue. Ali Partovi shines more light on the discussion. One could observe this when one has looked at the title of the Bild Zeitung to Greece. For the first time, it was reported there that the Greeks almost broke be (the State had indeed immense debt), next headlines created, which should show that the crisis in Greece threatened us much more if we the Greeks help and they leave not their fate. After that has been written about luxury pensions in Greece, these articles were then fed with facts and insider opinions should symbolize that there are also Greeks, that support the baiting.

It is also effective to accuse the Prime Minister of Greece he actually dares to call from a beautiful place with its counterparts in Europe, this is of course a very great sin, because the Greek premier would be the ugliest area (if there is such a thing) his country should choose to call from there. As a beautiful place to call can probably not more than image authors answer why this is better, if it is this possible. Another area in which excels the Bild Zeitung by good and informative work, sic against Muslims is the reporting of Muslims and Islam in Germany.


What is the time? Everyone knows that. Who serves a foundation? Information about foundations, ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius Gerd Bucerius here saw his task in the promotion of education, science and culture, as he in 1971 was the impetus of the ZEIT-Stiftung. Named the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius”the then 65-year-old began not only his own reputation for the Foundation’s work. She also co-founded the time weekly”and the nickname of his second wife were named after. Three thematic areas it considered priority for the famous Publisher, CDU politician and former lawyer.

Science and research, art and culture as well as education and education should be promoted through the Foundation’s assets. During the years 1971 to 1997, the Foundation headed by Bucerius’, or his wife, could support considerable 90 concepts and programmes with around 15 million euros. After the death of Bucerius in 1995 and his wife two years later, the entire private estate fell the spouses of the Foundation to. So the Foundation could continue to evolve today to one of the largest private foundations. With a current endowment of 725 million euros and a support budget of 24 million euros, an immense capacity for capacity has become possible. Programs for student stays in the United States and to support local universities in life were first called in the initial phase. Scholarships from the Gerd Bucerius-Law program”specifically attacked law students under the arms, which were as particularly qualified.

Art promotion operation the Foundation at that time especially in Hamburg, the home of the founder of the Foundation, by intensively supported the local literary scene. In later decades, the sphere increasingly expanded and evolved into the large project, which today represents it. The spectrum of the ZEIT-Stiftung is diverse and results in all areas of education, culture and science. So, for example, that rooted Hamburg Bucerius art Forum”, the Bucerius learning work Read”or the Gerd Bucerius Prize free press in Eastern Europe” in the Foundation of her namesake. The Foundation by Michael Goring, even over long years in promoting College Foundation will be active as acting Board of Directors forwarded since the death of the Bucerius Foundation founder and his wife. 32 full-time Foundation staff provide for the implementation of the objectives set at the time, according to the Foundation motto: promote knowledge – enriching culture – opportunities.

Tweaks Brigitte Zypris?

Pirate Party under dubious reasons from Panel discussion the Pirate Party Darmstadt unloaded by the Darmstadt-Dieburg County Student Council to a panel discussion with former Justice Minister on the subject of privacy invited Brigitte Zypris and was again unloaded shortly before the event. Reason: There is still a third discussion partner, but the podium was too small. A further Chair do not fit on the stage. Tweaks Brigitte Zypris? In the short term, the representative of the Pirate Party, Gerhard Collman of the Panel discussion of the Darmstadt-Dieburg County Student Council on the subject of data protection was unloaded. Official reason: the place on the podium was too short. On the podium with former Justice Minister of Brigitte Zypris. This had earlier in an interview with die Tageszeitung as their difficulties with the Pirate Party.

Pressure exerted here subtly? How far does the red felt in Darmstadt actually? The reason is pronounced by the District School Council invitation to the Panel discussion tomorrow, Tuesday at the Kranichstein District Office. The KSR wanted the Pirate Party as competent discussion partners and Representatives of the youth culture sit to watch on stage. Now, Gerhard Collmann must clear its place for a representative of consumer protection. For a third Chair, supposedly no place was more on the stage. District Chairman of the Pirate Party Tim look: “I don’t still believe it.” Gerhard Collman as data protection expert of the Pirate Party in Darmstadt, Germany had already scheduled the appointment and thoroughly the discussion which prepares for controversial ex-Minister. Gerhard Collman: “a fair and open dialogue would have been an opportunity for both page, to work on improving the privacy situation objectively and constructively.” All interested parties are still invited to participate in the Panel discussion. Discussion of the gcd regarding data protection Tuesday, February 02, 2010 at 10: 00 Jagerstrasse door 207, Landratsamt Kranichstein, Darmstadt BS

Interior Minister

As has been noted, why so little political will of design is based on the Black Yellow coalition. Because they were so success-drunk by the election result. that the blueprints for a visionary coalition agreement was lacking. The entire body of treaties had been cobbled together by Merkel and Westerwelle. It was simply the sensors for the most relevant economic and social topics. Now, we can admire the consequences of this bungling. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. Underestimate one should not the rhetoric of the Minister of the Interior for this reason.

He wants to take care of rest on the front of the Internet now. Once we enforce the law, then, if that’s not enough, we make new laws. Self-regulation, talk: the market goes before State. The law should not stifle the technique (how generous, gs), but it must prevent excesses. And international rules are better than national – where but (still) not there, because Berlin is, since Europe is quite also alone”so Wefing time.

It was all so reasonable and right that one wonders why only now? Oh well. Thomas de Maziere is”much smarter than Zensursula. We are seeing already abandoning repressive power rules how it the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) somewhat naively believed? The BVDW welcomes the finding that existing law is already today generally sufficient. According to new laws, we also see the knee-jerk call not as goal-oriented. Especially appreciated the BVDW unique pronunciation of Interior Minister de Maiziere for a strengthening of the self-regulating of the industry. The BVDW sees itself confirmed in its appropriate initiatives in this field and also refers to such demands at European level, as it is formulated by the umbrella organization of IAB Europe. Finally, above all the opportunities of the Internet are again brought to the fore. “The BVDW is the statement true, one should the Internet neither as lawless (oh, no, dear BVDW, please not this of the Leyen phrase, gs) is still primarily considered ‘criminal’ room, perfectly too.” The BVDW should commit itself to the study of Machiavelli, because some time bombs in the speech of the Minister of the Interior. It occurs more sensitively than Predecessor, writes Andre Meister: fundamental issues of freedom and security he differs very little from its predecessors, as he himself admits. Whether power-political dialogue was now make sense, I leave to others. What is certain is that we must be more vigilant and cheeky away of all tea party. The next debate is determined.” It is so. The Minister of the Interior plays the Fox, which wants to raise not more outrage Zensursula waves at the time. “From the Fox, a lion can be again very quickly, if the requirements of the State not voluntary” to be implemented by the economic. The Minister of the Interior never opts for a strengthening of the regulatory forces. Also, it could also quickly hide behind European rules and then announce that there is no alternative, for example, to an EU regulation on network lock and was binding on national law – blah, blah. Here is where I tell time blog.


So our two split West cybernetic German society works: our Civil Code reflects the thinking of the West – in contrasts (or). You know, think means true perception in contradictions or contrasts: such as cameralistic accounting, or service right (be present) or work (performance provide)! This is the result of the mechanistic Western control thinking of Cybernetics with the or logic! (BGB, 50th Edition, 2002, (C) by Beck lyrics in the dtv: Book 2, section 8): Title 8: service contract sections 61-630: owed his presence! Title 9: Contract 631-6511: it owes its performance! At times of feudalism, mercantilism (16th 18th century) in Europe the prevailing economic doctrine was: the cameralistic system (1762-…) accounting, which is still applied by our Government such as the financial management was a process of (pseudo): State cosy accounting should only the execution of the budget assigned to be! Here are more the cash flows (projective planning) in the Center. It funds effective revenue (deposits) and expenditure (disbursements) be considered, without to determine income and expenses: previously satisfied that emperors, Kings and Princes – such as our today’s Governments–first your wishes (you want to), and inflated, according to the claim amount, then the taxes among citizens a (is). They ordered before – but bezahl(t)en (today still) – only afterwards! Money was no object! Since 1949, all German Governments increase our debt and gross domestic product GDP spending/debt to revenue/assets! Try this at your local bank! Greece bumps just past the State bankruptcy. If you and I have no money or collateral, we can buy anything, etc.

Plan invoices on the basis of forecasts are practised in the cameralistic system (target / is): budget (1 or 2 years) and medium-term financial planning (5 years). Steve Wozniak shines more light on the discussion. When the commercial Accounting revenues and expenses are recorded and at the same time to determine the assets to visualize such gains and losses. Here are the success factors (retrospective success control) in the Center: (source: the service right (presence compulsory) now connect the Kameralitik (reprint money needed!). Add the following provision to both: officials and employees of the public service in the internal service regulations, failure, never evil intent to! . Reason: Our State practiced a paternalistic structure of chain of command – from top to bottom! Having tried his best is completely adequate.

Incompetence is excused. Now know the reasons for the comfort position of the public service: no one must answer for huge budget deficits, such as policy just! Impact mechanistic cybernetic thinking (or logic), on the basis of the mechanistic worldview (closed systems, value chains). In a sytemisch vitalist Action method of the nature it cribbed (UND – / fuzzy logic) works for 4.3 billion years successfully otherwise. An open conversion circuit (item + neg.) Feedback), where everything is connected and each carries the overall responsibility (etc)! We ( use this system and its principles in the development of individuals, companies and organizations: qualified economics for sustainable economics (development instead of growth).

Our Future Is Secure!

Where mankind developed! A systemic view. The most important questions of all generations was and is: where is the humanity? It was shared by the FragerInnen always in 3 groups of responses: a (regular) predicted the different world settings. The others saw Earth taking over the various aliens. Here we stayed at least either alive. (A valuable related resource: Steve Wozniak). Hollywood lies greet. Some others (such as Ken Wilber, Jeremy Rifkin) anticipate a positive development of Earth evolution and of all cultures. I agree with the. By the latter part of call trend and future researchers.

They occur such as future institutions and work for marketing. “This they publish occasionally so profound insights as: the crisis is the chance!” The Chinese know that 3 000 years ago. Manager pay for it but still a lot of money! Given the fact that no one knows what happens in 1 hour you can put the dice, cards, or in the coffee grounds to read or use his common sense or his gut feelings, depending on your worldview. There is a solution, but I think: the management with their vitalist world-view is an ideale(s) think medium and method! The management deals with the open system nature (Earth for 4.3 billion years, a cycle of conversion, control): who recognizes the nature and adapts to you, which is a long time in her about – live! Can the people or generations who believe to dominate nature and work against them, who are going to die out (evolution = adaptation, selection and mutation). Nature will continue to exist on another (quality) level with or without life -! In the last sentence is my essence: intelligent systemic people will develop further evolutionary and those who want to become subject of the Earth, take! In a (.pdf-) graphic I showed up to the survival of mankind the development linear and chronologically. Limitation: you will be sure not so smooth.

It is a struggle Be smart and nature compliant against the stupid. Where the latter just to find will be in all areas of society as the former. So in clan societies, international corporations and organizations, as well as in universities. It is not a clash of civilizations, religions and skin colors together, be not rich against arm, and not old against young. The people is bound to cooperate with each other and with nature! Will win the wiser – nature anyway! We change ourselves so today! Wolfgang Schwalm (biology and