The Night

_ And you only work the night, you are? _ Clearly! It is the best hour to create pretty histories. always the candle light He is so romantic! I adore when it lacks energy. _ You caught heavy, saw! _ Nailed pra you Well! Who ordered to move with me? Ah, and it has another thing, care with this boy why it is not quiet, he lives moving in everything, already he gave two falls to me, is therefore that I am here on. _ Ah is? I thought that you were leaned. _ If was deceptive roundly! Ei looks at the boy there it is close to you! _ Where? Cad? Ei! Boy! He moves not boy there! He pulls not boy! Boy goes pra there, pulls noooooooo there _ Oh, that penalty! I forgot to fire me to it. It is very esnobe, but it is a cat! Mine ours! He is very pretty! It is alone between us. END

Dr. Geraldo

Each integrant one was to study a part of the subject and the group if it would congregate in the house of the Dr. Geraldo. In the marked day all had headed for the residence of our dean stop for in the paper the elaborated ideas already. For general happiness our host gave the news that nobody waited. Dr. Geraldo showed a calhamaco of one one hundred leves and said that the work was ready, consisting in the layer the name of each member of the group. We eat the salgadinhos and we come back toward our houses with the fulfilled mission. In the day of the lesson of the Dr.

Julio Fields all the groups had delivered the works. Prof. Julio, sage of as work in team functions, announced what nobody wanted to hear. They can take in return the works and the evaluation sera in accordance with the verbal presentation, in the presence of the professor and the excessively mestrandos ones. Our luck and that our group was to present in the morning of the following day, but two teams had had that to speak the same in day. The solution was to take off one copies of the work made for the Dr. Geraldo for each participates of the group, with the purpose to still study the work in that night, each one in its hotel.