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Plastic windows (or PVC) is a box made of plastic with a metal frame. A variety of profiles can make the window by combining the most different shapes and sizes to suit your needs customer. Plastic windows can have different opening types, as This material can be installed on almost any hardware. Metal plastic has several advantages over wood: – seal all joints and joints – long life – weatherproof – easy to clean – a high level of protection against noise and cold – metal and plastic pozharoustoychiv self-extinguishing – high technology manufacturing Of double-glass metal plastic significantly reduce the penetration of drafts, prevent freezing apartment and save the cost of heating the room. The appearance of PVC windows account 21st-century architectural trends, but that window of plastic cause less damage to nature because their production is not consumed wood. Window assembly of metal consists of two or more valves that can open (swivel, povortno-folding) or open (blank). The valves are divided transom window fittings and hinges are called rotary knob to open the window. For the convenience of calculating the cost of plastic windows on many Internet sites have special calculators plastic windows.

At the present day plastic windows in St. Petersburg are more popular than conventional PVC windows. This is not surprising – since improved those. characteristics of the plastic windows of St. Petersburg retain visual appeal and quality of conventional PVC windows.

The outer side of the profile constructed from the same PVC material as the conventional plastic windows. On Indeed, PVC is a synthetic polymer, which for nearly 50 years, successfully competing with natural materials such as wood. Its competitive advantages must be attributed to environmental security, resistance to the atmosphere, strength and durability. Also PVC is distinguished by high plasticity, which will produce a window of any shape and size.