Industrial Group

Now everything is the opposite. Now, when the family budget resources are sorely lacking when food prices are increasing every day, you should think about returning to bylomu lifestyle. Earth has always saved people during the difficult years. And in wartime, and the Khrushchev-Brezhnev era, when salaries were meager and the budget can be corrected through gardening. Additional information is available at Mikkel Svane. And it's not just a specific benefit. How pleasant after a hard week of work to spend a weekend out of town. Own house, land, fresh air, family gatherings – what could be more beautiful? Food grown with their hands on their own area, much tastier and healthier purchased in retail chains. What could be better than to age in a cozy country home away from polluted streets and industrial plants? Therefore, it is now the most profitable purchase price had fallen in rural homes around the city.

It's time to do repairs and furnishing your own home and a small but their territory around it. Replace the fence, plant a fruit-bearing trees planted garden, cut off the roof, insulate the walls, which will increase the "life" of the house for decades to come. As they say, the foundation of society is the roof over your head. Get acquainted with the technology of laying new roof metal and insulation of homes with insulation and a small painted corrugated siding, or you can in 56 offices Industrial Group in Ukraine. Industrial Group "Arsenal" – the leader of Ukrainian market manufacture of roofing materials, sheet and painted steel. The work group companies are guided primarily by private developers.

In working with clients in the companies adhere to honesty consumer. Customers supplied high quality, which was announced in the price lists of products. Perhaps lending. "We can not afford a very loyal pricing for rural residents and retirees at high guaranteed quality. We offer high quality metal roofing, manufactured from high quality painted metal group of South Korean "Dong Bu Still" at a fair price. We are stable and price and product quality. During the crisis, the consumer has increased orders for "Arsenal" by 30% in 2010. It's time to take care of themselves for the future of their families – sums up the commercial director of "Arsenal Center" Boris Kukaylo. "Any money can be turned in one day to nothing. Money can not be trusted now. Money does not eat, the rain and cold, money can not be defended. They need to properly invest in durable goods that they give their holder to any benefit for 20-30 years, and then, while improving the economic situation, they could sell and get new money that will be valuable in the future world, – the financial Director of "Arsenal Center" Inna Troms. Equipped own country house with a beautiful and safe roof, the area around the sanitized, family conversation in the yard, food from his garden – a value that is not the strength to destroy any global financial crisis. This is a tower of strength that will help us face the future calmly, whatever it was.

Modern Facade Paints

The beauty of the urban landscape – the beauty of building facades. Cracked walls of houses, dirt and dust, the lack of uniform colors make the streets of our cities faceless and dull. At the same time beautiful, clean facade draws attention. Bright colors on the walls of our homes provide residents a positive emotional charge. But the facade are not only an aesthetic function. They are protected by the walls from collapsing. Active vlagoregulirovanie allows the display of the walls of excess moisture and prevent moisture from the outside to penetrate. This provides long term protection of the facade from the weather and corrosive chemicals.

Architectural coatings are to dispersion, silicate, silicone-based and lime. This option allows in each case in the construction, repair or restoration of the building facade choose the optimal coverage. To select a front paint should be aware of the type and properties of the base, the requirements for protection against moisture and rain, as well as the necessary characteristics for water vapor permeability and transmission of carbon dioxide. Dispersion facade. These facade most widely because of versatility. They provide a convenient and quick work on drawing on the facade can be used on almost any grounds, have a high environmental characteristics. More info: Pete Cashmore. Good vapor permeability, low water absorption are good protection from the facade of severe weather conditions.

A high protection of the carbon dioxide for long service life for concrete structures. For long life facade coatings based on dispersioonoy to properly prepare the ground for painting. For porous bases should be used before painting unpigmented primers, and for smooth and plohovpityvayuschih bases – pigmented primer. Architectural coatings based on dispersion can zakolerovat in almost any color by the use of technology for processing tinting concentrated pigment pastes. Silicone facade. Silicone-based paint – it's the most modern facade material for today. They have the versatility and high-dispersion paints protective properties and durability of silicate paints. A very weak absorption of water makes the walls of the building long-term protection and use of special primers is capable of applying silicone ink almost all kinds of reasons. Also, these paints are characterized by high protection from dirt and dust because of the low thermoplastic binder – it allows you to stay clean long facade, which is especially important in today's industrial cities. Silicone paints have very long life and very often used in the restoration of monuments. Mineral facade. These include lime-based paints and silicate base. On the surface, painted the colors do not develop mold, fungi and mosses. They are able to provide high water vapor permeability and permeability to carbon dioxide. Silicate masonry paints used for coloring lime plasters, which are very common on old buildings and architectural monuments. Silicate coating formed by chemical reaction of liquid potash glass and quartz. For tinting colors such species requires special pigments.


Considering the structural features of floors, we partially raised the issue of sound insulation, but there are other ways to meet with fairly high insulation efficiency. One of the such method is the 'floating floor', whose idea is to 'harness' the floor on a layer of sound insulator. As an insulator, you can use rolls of mineral wool, expanded polystyrene sheets, mats and steklovatina etc. In this design the floor insulation is important that the 'floating' floor never touched home designs. To accomplish this mats laid on steklovatina trimmer joists at right angles to them. Using mats made of steklovatina, you need to carefully read the instructions on their use, since some of this material laying a backing paper down, and some – on the contrary. Particular attention should be paid device insulation between the walls and floor of the room. To do this, mats wrapped up so that they overlap in the subsequent baseboards.

By layer steklovatina or other insulating material installed lags the desired section, for which the subsequent finishing plank floor. Floor boards should be tightly pressed against the walls curved up ends. Feature of this flooring is that the lag is not nailed to the beams overlap, creating thus the floating structure. For convenience, you can lag at times pribit small nails, which are in the process of laying plank floor are removed. Gaps between the planks and the wall skirting close by nailing them to the floor, and not to wall. 'Floating' floor will provide a sufficiently reliable sound insulation, creating an apartment in comfort. The advantage of this method is that it is possible to avoid placing a heavy rolling, which should keep the weight of the soundproofing material. In this case, the ceiling can be made of light materials (drywall, Lining, etc.) that will not be loaded with a layer of insulation.