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Cheap holiday homes and hotels for Shorttrip Sardinia, the fascinating Mediterranean island, a trip is value, not only in summer but also in autumn and winter, because the cooler seasons are generally mild and humid with an average day temperature 12 degrees. However this may on sunny days and of the holiday island has, after all, just under 300 – certainly at least climb 24 degrees. But a holiday in Sardinia in autumn attracts not only with warm sunshine and bathroom suitable for water temperatures, but also with interesting last minute and savings offers for holiday houses, apartments, hotels and B & B. The Sardinia-based incoming specialist in its online catalog is Sardinia Natour herbst-and before, whether it be winter accommodations on Sardinia charming hotels and Bed & Breakfast and of course comfortable cottages and apartments. These attract especially now in the off season with offers and discounts. The low season is but due to the mild temperatures also ideal for any kind of active and relaxing holiday, the Bandwidth ranges from cycling and hiking tours and horseback riding holiday cooking and slow food experience to city breaks and Shorttrip, for example, to Cagliari and Alghero. A small tip on the edge: who but rather in the spring or summer in Sardinia holidays would like to, which should now browsing the holiday catalog Sardinia Natour and secure themselves the object of his desire. Sardinia Natour via San Giacomo 39, I-09124 Cagliari – Italy phone: + 39 070 311 0295 E-Mail: Web: DE.

Russian Travel

Possible causes for the waiver in the delivery of shengen Russian visa can be many. Consider only the most frequently found. 1. If Russian and was once one of the countries of Western Europe and was caught with his hands in masses at the time of the theft of anything from the store, any action or other criminals, and after this case can never back to travel in that country but also in many other European Union countries. Regarding any case (even if the alien had stolen from the room of the supermarket habitual chewing gum in his pocket).

2. If the monthly salary of tourists who intend to surrender tourist visa does not match the criteria established by the rules of the consulate of the country, which receive the tourist visa (his salary is lower). This criterion is determined for each case individually and depends on the price of the trip, if you are the tourist alone or along with it goes another family member or someone you know, who has no steady income (he is unemployed or is the pensioner) . Second If the tourist is also a sponsor of other traveling companion and the criterion of minimum monthly earnings can be increased in some times. We cite the example: in the journey that took 10 days to Scandinavia at the price 600 euros for each person, which is basic Norway headquarters, leaving three people, one of which is the sponsor of another. In this case the formalization of Schengen visas is done by the embassy (consulate) of Norway as the sponsor must obtain monthly earnings at least 15 000 rubles per month. Otherwise Simel Russian tourists want to travel to other Western European paicas (eg for Switzerland) requirements for Russian tourists that get the visa of this country will be harder, the presence of the minimum amount of money (available or through accounts) about 1000 euros each, for example. 3.

Is subject to prosecution. You may want to visit Columbia Admissions to increase your knowledge. (In this case considers the case of the choice for you the better measure of suppression). This point does not need comments. 4. We have suspected that you had to Tourist travel purchased only for immigration to another country with the aim of improving welfare. We assume, in Russia were no relatives or all of your relatives goes along with you as if they were tourists. Yes, yes, they can easily find out, because it close to filling the questionnaire for submission of visa you need to target their relatives who remain in Russia. By the way many Russian tourists try to have good luck so, leaving the tourist group in one of the countries of Western Europe, hoping to get the work visa and residence for the last. However, in most cases they fail and be deported back. This is clear: the employer is easier to formalize the work permit to foreigners from countries bordering Sheng (eg Poles), because they do not have to complete a Schengen visa, in addition to that and those are paicas high unemployment and without them. In this circumstance can further hamper entry into the Schengen states. These are most principal causes of the resignation of delivery of the Russian tourist visa. Regard to. I guess that the reasons for the resignation of the delivery of the visa to an alien for entry to Russia are similar.

Black River Gorges National Park

For the sixth time the Royal RAID race attracts ambitious hobby skiers on 14 May 2011 become the Yemen nature reserve, the Black River Gorges National Park as well as the sugar cane fields of Bel Ombre Sugar Estate venues of the biggest sports events in Mauritius of the Royal RAID run. Already for the sixth time the island attracts sports fans this year, who want to make their fitness walking distances of 35 and 80 kilometers to the test. The so-called Gecko also offers RAID inexperienced runners the opportunity to try on a short distance of 15 kilometres. A very special incentive is sure all participants: because large parts of the line are not open to the public and released only for the run, the Royal RAID brought special impressions of Mauritius runners travelled to. Without hesitation Dermot McCormack explained all about the problem. The 80-km distance starts at five o’clock in the morning in the Casela Bird Park in the West of the island. The hilly landscape of the Yemen nature reserve of the way through the shady forest of the Black River Gorges leads to national parks for his rich flora and fauna is known. The runners completed the half track, they reach the Jet ranch located on a high plateau, and running then through the sugar cane plantations of the Bel Ombre Sugar Estate in the South.

Royal RAID 80 must be completed within 20 hours. The 35 km route of the Royal RAID is given a time limit of nine hours. elated topic. The shorter distance runners start on the same day to seven o’clock in the morning at the ranch of the Jet. The route runs initially on a plateau along the fresh water reservoir Mare longue, before it then goes through rain forest and sugarcane fields towards the coast. Target is the NAiADE Tamassa hotel in the South of the island for all distances. Besides the winner’s trophy, the winner among others with a stay at one of the NAiADE resorts on Mauritius as well as the free participation of the Royal RAID are rewarded 2012. There is information in English as well as detailed route maps, accommodations, and a photo gallery at. You can find general information about Mauritius see.

Princes Islands Istanbul

Information about Istanbul and especially its sights and features Istanbul is the oldest permanently inhabited city in the world and has to offer thus monuments and sightseeing from all periods and multiple cultures. The Christian culture merged in Istanbul with the Islamic. Another feature of Istanbul is its location between 2 continents and the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The central square of Istanbul’s Taksim Square. He was created in the 18th century as a water distribution and is today business center of Istanbul. Please visit Andy Florance if you seek more information. There, there are many banks, restaurants and department stores. As a transport hub of Istanbul, several streets and street cars meet. Also, the monument of the Republic is located on Taksim Square.

There are several sights of Istanbul from all periods around the Taksim. A further climax of Istanbul is Bosporos. As a waterway and dividing point between Asia and Europe, he was for centuries fought over. Today it is recreation of many Istanbul and waterways for many leisure and cruise ships. Large bridges cross the great river of Istanbul. But Istanbul has much more to offer, such as the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, several viewpoints and the recreation area of the Princes Islands. Experience Istanbul Stefan Mairegger

Aswan Declaration

These same brain flowed in Alexandria until the death of the library. Dell is likely to agree. Who and when it was destroyed, not well understood. It is known that in 47 BC. Oe. Caesar, unwilling to his fleet into the hands of the Egyptians, he burned the ships, and with them the port docks and warehouses, where there were about 400 thousand papyrus scrolls, which were supposed to send to Rome. Some ancient historians, however, write that not only burned the scrolls, but the library itself.

However, the more likely it is that she stood still for more than three centuries, up until the reign of Emperor Aurelian. There is a widely used version, according to which the library was destroyed by the Arabs in VII. Mr. Oe. Known words, allegedly belonging to the Caliph Omar: "if the Greek books repeat the Koran, they are useless, and there is no need to save, if they contradict the Quran, they are harmful and must be destroyed.

" After the sentence the entire collection of Alexandria seems to be have used for kindling baths. Legend curious, but unable to find evidence in the texts of the most respected authors and are unlikely to be historical fact. It is driven by only one historian who lived in the same 600 years later, he describes the events. Nor was customs of Muslims to destroy the monuments of foreign cultures. (Tours italy, czech republic, holiday tour, holiday tour UAE) Arabs unfairly blamed for the death of the ancient library, actively participate in creating a new one. Money. When subscribed Aswan Declaration, the United Emirates, Sheikh proposed $ 20 million contribution to Saudi Arabia amounted to 23 million, Saddam Hussein, just before the Gulf War, posted 21 million The total project budget of more than 200 million. Honor to spend the money awarded to anyone not known to the Norwegian firm Snohetta. Its proposed architectural design was selected from 500 submissions from 40 countries. Six years after the start of work can be seen almost final outcome. Construction of granite, glass and aluminum is impressive. The appearance of a futuristic, look no traces of antiquity. Only a hint of it – support the glass roof of the column and the solar-round (the traditional Egyptian symbol for) the disc to the roof. With 160 meters in diameter, it serves as a great and unique window through which, thanks to the slope at 16 degrees, offers wonderful views of the Mediterranean sea from the sunlit interior. This happens in andorra tours, vacation tour Dominican Republic, Austria, ski tours.

Tank Water Is Drinking Water

Who with caravan or motorhome traveling is, faced with the problem of the constant supply of drinking water. Instead of gallons water bottles to take to traveling and sacrificing precious storage space, it is also significantly easier: convert Filopur water filter tank water into pure drinking water. Mobile travel will be properly scheduled. Just for holiday stays abroad, the supply of fresh drinking water can be sometimes an ordeal. Different returnable bottle systems and the often poor quality of water at the outlets require planning and logistical effort every time. The frequently occurring in the Caravan and motorhome germination of tank water and the resulting treatment with chemicals, such as chlorine and/or silver nitrate, clearly restrict the carefree edibility of tank water as drinking water.

The purchase and the carrying of bottle water mean also in the Caravan and motorhome a reduction of valuable storage space and an unnecessary loading to water, which is carried in the tank already on board. The practical Filopur water filters provide a quick and easy workaround: you are the ecologically and economically sensible alternative to drinking from the bottle. The tank water is drinking water during any travel in the Caravan and motorhome is an important companion a drinking water filter. The use of Filopur water filters, the tank water is cleaned through a combination of activated carbon and micro-pore filtration and prepares to clean drinking water. Based on this filtering technology, the tank water is cleaned of bacteria, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and many other pollutants and odours, while maintaining the natural minerals and salts in the water. So can be both in real tank treatment as well as be germinated tank enjoy the water from the tap with safety. Unlike other filter systems, water directly out of the filter is taken with Filopur water filters, which can lead to any subsequent contamination.

Rote Fabrik

Only 10 minutes by foot to the shores of Lake Zurich and a bit further, you will find the new “Rote Fabrik” (red factory) cultural centre. Going in the direction of Bern, book at Berghaus Niederhorn in Beatenberg, and you want to stay in the hostel located at 1,950 metres above sea level. It’s a perfect destination in winter. Right next to the hostel you will find ski slopes. This hostel is only accessible by cable car but the ride is worth it thanks to breath – taking panoramas.

You want to have the most beautiful view of the sunset from your room! Bern is perhaps the most charming city in Switzerland and in the summer months, Bern has earned the title of “most beautiful floral city of Europe”. Stay in Bern of backpackers Hotel Bell it is the most centrally located hostel in Bern close to restaurants, bars, clubs Museum and theatres. It is a comfortable Backpacker’s hostel and offers you all the services; big common room with a great communal kitchen, laundry, internet, TV, free tea, free Wi-Fi and a football table. Saying in Bern you will understand why Einstein developed his theory of relativity here special and you want to enjoy key the best Emmental cheese! From Bern you can easily reach Interlarken, Virgin, Lucerne, Basel or Geneva. Stay in twins Minbak Bed & Breakfast in Lucerne which is located very close to the old town. In Lucerne you will have incredible a stunning view of Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstattersee), the spiritual heart of Switzerland.

Twins Minbak Bed & Breakfast offers bright dormitory rooms, modern facilities, wireless internet in all rooms, and very friendly staff. Another very cool hostel in Switzerland is hostel JBN, Chur. Chur is Switzerland’s oldest city and is the small cultural heart of Switzerland, you want to find. music, cultural events, clubs, Museum and shops.


Thanks to the heavenly climate and magnificent beaches stretching for miles, you can talk about Sudak as a resort. But everyone who comes to rest in Sudak, struck harsh landscape: scorched hillsides, dry up in summer small streams, burnt by the sun the grass, and on this background, bright green stand of pine, cypress trees and vineyards. It would seem that there beautiful? However, in a mess scattered hills and hill, frank poverty vegetation creates an amazing picture, and sea and sky complete with bright colors. Thousands of people are attracted to a sandy beach in Sudak, stretches for two and a half kilometers from the Castle Alchak to the mountains. Here, on the break to the sea cliff – the miracle of the stone battlements and tall towers. Check with AOL to learn more. This – the Genoese fortress that became a reality tale. Preserved since the Middle Ages, it attracts tourists with its beauty, its legends.

Seven kilometers from Sudak another miracle: Svet Reserve. Interestingly it in greenery, beautiful views, no wonder its so fond of the filmmakers, and some authors remember: this place Genoese called "paradise" … the New World, a small village. Local residents of this paradise place over a hundred years connected with the factory of sparkling wines. In 1804 in Sudak was opened first school of winemaking. Headed by its academic Pallas, a scientist-winemaker AK Bode. In the eighteenth century did there, sparkling wine, but really, with a flourish in New World winemaking engaged Prince Lev Sergeevich Golitsyn.

A talented person, a representative of the nobility, cognized the secrets of making sparkling wine venture to compete with the French wine-makers. In 1900, Russian champagne, made in the New World, it was considered excellent and was awarded the highest award the "Grand Prix". In Sudak You can try (and take away home!) of natural grape wine (the production of "Muscat") and now manufactured in the New World, according to classical technology of champagne. Come to rest in Sudak! Relax and enjoy the beauty!