Restaurant Association

The currently so often cited shortage already starts dual degree programs at the example of McDonald’s in training. Since 2007, a clear decline in the number of training can be seen in most industries. This is not because companies no longer want to make out, but found no qualified trainees. In the battle for the best young, it is therefore becoming increasingly important to make its own training offering more attractive and to market. The example of McDonald s show that dual degree programs represent a profitable for candidates and companies alike model for the future. The lack of apprentices becomes particularly clear in the restaurant.

“Although the numbers of the German of hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) show in the development of all apprenticeships in the relatively young education to the / to the specialist Assistant for Foodservice” an influx of 1.4 percent in 2009. When you look at the newly completed apprenticeships is a big minus 8.9 percent the previous year but recognize. The industry average in the hotel and hospitality industry declined by 9.1 percent compared to the year 2008. Cross-industry companies have too few young complain and this young is still poorly trained. That reflects the current study candidate selection initial training”cons.

All 94 percent of the 160 companies surveyed see a declining level of applicants’, so Felicia Ullrich, Managing Director of Solingen Horseshoe publishing. The specialist for testing and E-recruiting has published the study together with the University of Heilbronn. The perspectives in the foodservice are often underestimated straight in the restaurant is it becoming increasingly important, in the struggle for new ways to go the best trainees. Because the negative development of education figures is a clear contradiction to the positive development of the restaurant. The industry is booming and can meet their need for skilled workers only with difficulty. It lacks not only qualified trainees, but also a long-term employee retention.

Language Enthusiasts Are Offered Subsidized Courses In Over 100 Languages

Learn over 100 languages for only 100 euros! Vienna – Eton Institute – Vienna language centre with a selection of over 100 languages – offers language enthusiasts of the city-sponsored courses in the value of several thousand euros. As an international language training supplier Eton Institute is to celebrate of its opening on the Graben, the public specially funded courses for only euro 100,-available. This initiative has the aim to make learning affordable to promote at the same time, multilingualism and cultural diversity. Like. Franziska Luckabauer, Coordinator at Eton Institute Vienna, commented: “the author Samuel Johnson once said, that language is the promotion of thought. I can only agree! Learning a new language, you will discover not only a new way of speaking, but a new way of thinking. The provision of subsidised language courses is our way, in addition to strengthen the connection between the different cultures in our vibrant community.” Learning a language can be a life-changing experience- whether for the optimization of business relationships and networking, for travel or for making new friendships, and to the exploration of new cultures or simply to improve the communication skills – diving into a new language is the easiest and most entertaining way to learn. Eton Institute offers a wide range of learning programs and languages that are based on real life situations.

Language-loving Viennese and Viennese is given the opportunity to discover a new exotic world. All courses are carried out by highly qualified and experienced native speakers, to convenient class times in the morning, afternoon or evening. Every day, the courses are offered Monday through Friday, 2 weeks for euro 100,-incl. VAT. For more information about the registry, please visit Eton Institute ‘ community on Facebook EtonInstituteAustria / Twitter EtonIAustria or go to 0800989889 and talk to one of our staff.

All courses and times vary by Availability and based on a first-come first-served principle. We recommend interested to register, to secure a place and avoid disappointment. For more information, please contact: Mag. Franziska Luckabauer Coordinator Eton Institute Vienna T + 43 1 8904253

New Spring

So retirees remain active and fit, Hamburg if it is outside uncomfortable, October 27, 2011 the summer also the active time of the year is to end and thus for many. Just a few weeks ago was planted in the garden, in the green in the pedals and swim in the outdoor pool. Now, it’s cold outside, rainy and uncomfortable. This restricts the list of possible activities. How can you remain still active and keep mentally as physically fit? A new idea: the second professional spring in the middle of autumn. Because retirees become active again in her learned profession as senior experts.

Companies that find their Erfahrung value and offer interesting projects, senior experts under. Here SKILS professionals once again retired, part time-limited project work, to introduce their experience. We reactivate the valuable experience of the specialists in retirement for the benefit of all those involved”, explains sentiso Managing Director Jakob tuber. This fall can senior experts it once again flourish. Retirees who accept the challenge, not only benefit from one deserve to, they abide by the way also fit.

It has been scientifically proven that a prolonged mental and physical fitness results by work at the age”, continue to tuber. The dark season is with a professional commitment to actively bridge. Senior expert Loffler, who previously worked in managerial capacity at the BASF and already on sentiso is struck, would encourage workers in retirement. My recommendation for people with ESPRIT and dynamism: check it out easily. “The labour market needs even your experience isn’t too old”, so Lai. The company: the online resource for project work by professionals in the retirement is sentiso. Knowledge and experience of older generations be reactivated at sentiso for the benefit of all stakeholders. These are tips and information around the topic of working in retirement” provided. For questions and photos: Sentiso GmbH Jakob tuber, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 399913 61, fax: 040 399913 62,, press

The Enforcement Rights Of Way And Rights In Practice

House of technology seminar managerial and rights of way for infrastructure projects, although every citizen and every company needs energy, water and telecommunications and requires the supply as a matter of course, the enforcement rights of way and rights for the improvement and extension of infrastructure through increased legal awareness of property owners is increasingly difficult. Also can be expected for the reallocation of concession contracts with legal disputes. A structured understanding and a structured approach the correct action option to the rapid implementation of infrastructure projects is essential and allows for the people involved in the matter. Qwiki may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In particular, free rights of toleration, permission contracts, Konzesionsvertrage, expropriation, calculations and land cleanup law in the new Lander and the use of public roads are discussed in detail. The seminar on September 7, 2010, under the leadership of Attorney Dr. Christian Stenneken is aimed at network service companies, network service providers and construction companies as well as members from relevant associations and lawyers who are active in the area of managerial and rights of way. The detailed event programme of technology e.

Shy NetWorker

As you achieve success in MLM as a shy person rejection and rejection is what most are scared of NetWorker in MLM as the devil the holy water. This is understandable, because nobody wants to be like rejected and rejected if you are not just to the very few people who can easily deal with this issue, should just go another way the profits of MLM contacts: use the Internet to obtain prospective customers for your MLM business. And let yourself not by technical terms, with which Internet marketers like to throw at it or “technical questions”, of which hold to take advantage of this excellent marketing tool to build of your MLM business. The Internet offers the possibility, simply, easily and above all without the dreaded rejection to attract prospective customers. Simply send your prospects on your website even better on a so-called lead capture page to obtain the prospective data. Kai-Fu Lee has much experience in this field.

This is one of the best ways rejection-free To generate MLM prospects. And if someone is not agree with your offer or your website, then learn at least no direct rejection is more crucial but that you positively differentiate themselves with their offerings and distinguish. If you use, for example, the lead capture pages of any MLM guru sponsor systems, the hundreds other NetWorker of competitors apply, have little chance to position itself as partner and problem solver for your prospects, and not your business opportunity to bring ostentatious and with the most incredible promises to the man or the woman instead of your prospects on the websites of any gurus also try on your Web pages, its systems or eBooks you apply to send you better your own blog or website use. It is namely to you and not to any gurus or any sponsor support systems by others. David Treadwell: the source for more info. With an own blog, you can view your readers and potential customers, what you can do yourself “” and is therefore interesting and appealing for potential prospects and future teammate make. If you can offer your prospects but no use and present themselves as competent contact persons, it uses as well as anything you, if you hide behind the eBooks or other systems, by you this instead of themselves or Apply your own solution offering the Internet offers just for “timid” NetWorker outstanding marketing opportunities. You don’t make the mistake, behind MLM marketing to hide systems from others, which anyway don’t usually keep, more tips on how to rejection-free win prospective customers what it promises you full bodied in ads and on the sales Web pages and build your own marketing system, instead of playing the servant for others, but you will find on. There is also the free report “why naive NetWorker earn no money and the cunning success have Harald Weber


Legitimate work at home make money with eBooks, many people are looking for a home work. However, it should be as serious, because pens assemble up to bags will stick on the Internet all kinds of jobs for at home offered. Seriously, these deals are only rarely, because usually you must only invest money before you really get work – when it snows after the investment even in the House. You should be looking for work for home rather active, because there are plenty of opportunities. An electronic book, in which reports on a specific topic is very popular, since the money some time with eBooks. eBooks you can create many different topics, it is important that it should be subject areas that also interest readers and offer them added value. Create an eBook is very easy, because there is software, which is sometimes as freeware and therefore free on the Internet. Make money with eBooks you can but only if It also published that there is this eBook.

Many possibilities available, often moving on the Internet are the writer for this purpose. So, one can speak, for example, operators of Web pages, which fit thematically to the eBook. Usually they offer to their customers this service. Should create the eBook you sure however, that copy protection is given, and the indication that no content is copied without the consent of the creator may be. So, to secure the rights to the eBook.