Tarot Cards

Week 21 to September 27 by Gaby Gomez del Rio – By the Tarot cards and having a chart as a map I intend to compose tips you may have in mind in the week, as an introspective work. These are presented so you can pick up some pleasant words while transiting your personal myth. Reading these tips is complementary to the traditional horoscope reading, but unlike it, this proposal aims to establish an account for each sign, but only I am guided by them in order to follow an order to generate them. Then, the reader must seek the sign and read the text that follows, but must choose among the titles that appear in the branch of the week, and then seek the advice below. You can choose, without restriction, the statement on the more empathy you feel, or even for the one perceived rejection. This work will achieve energies that proposed by the arcane and certainly the same, are being presented in your letter Astral, at this time, and may or may not coincide with your sun sign. Therefore, you must choose a word from the field, and set a meeting with his text, which does not require a close reading, but that invites reflection on what is concerned. Summary: Choose that word (which is to end or reject).

Remember that the titles do not follow the order of signs. The choice is free, and can choose all the words that it thinks necessary work is recommended in the week, with the energies that were presented at the council. It is hoped that can build a positive sense with what we read, that is, what was found. Branch of the week: Possibilities, download, Reflection, Central Aventura, Select, Boost, Innocence, Intensity, Constraints, Close, Rebellion continue reading r