Technology And History

INTRODUOA technology is a source of improvement of techniques and methods used for the man to supply its necessities and to transpose it the nature. Ali Partovi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Inside of which it was globalizou all for the world, it was presented in the pertaining to school scope as agent of changes of the education methodology, as well as an important tool of I assist in the didactics of the history education. The history education if has shown as a traditional education and repetitive, being one it disciplines established in the reproduction of historical facts without bonds with the daily one of the pupil. The technology through the automation process comes to the meeting of the history education contributing for a new approach in the dynamics in classroom, beyond an excellent complement in the transistion of the historical knowledge to the pupil. It makes possible to participate of a new vision between the present time and the historical events, better assimilation of the content as well as ties quarrels, questionings and research concerning history, attributing to the pupils position criticizes and participation in the historical process of the nation. The 1 ADVANCE OF the TECNOLOGIAO man since its existence believes and creates something different, supports challenges to grow and fortifies its certainty of being able and capacity, thus being able to transform the way where it lives.

The condition of life of the man today is resulted of the evolution, of the human effort; at each time it revolutionized methods being commemoration reasons, consequence of many reached periods of training and new transformations to conquer. Thus it has been since the time where the man obtained to dominate the fire, to invent the first weapons of rock, passing for some phases of learning until arriving at the current discoveries. The human being, endowed with its intelligence, looked forms, during all history, to win the obstacles taxes for the nature.