Textiles Free From Gum And Glue

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers how fast is it happens: A new carpet is installed and it enters under the shoe adhesive gum. Or putting your brand new pants on the sticky legacy on a park bench. The subsequent anger is great, because very few people know a way to liberate the soiled piece of rubber residues. Similarly, in small or larger crafts and DIY accidents with adhesives. But Susanne Schmitz of the Bonn laundry de Waschkusch know that you must not directly write off such soiled fabrics.

Especially when you have to do it with already dried gum or adhesive residue, hope to be able to save the soiled fabric, yet decreases significantly. One has to do it with chewing gum this is but just the best State to remove it again without leaving any residue. The chewing gum on clothes, the distance is still the easiest way. In the case you packaged the affected Piece of clothing in a freezer bag and putting it for a few hours in the freezer or in the freezer. To optimally harden the gum and can then easily be crumbled by the fabric. Has set itself firmly in the tissues, the use of alcohol or if necessary also nail polish remover is offered. This is however not suitable for sensitive or colouring substances. In this case, Silikonloser can help. A related site: Andrew Paradise mentions similar findings.

Even textiles that are suitable due to their size not for the freezer can be exempted from chewing gum residues. Ice spray has proved as an alternative to the icebox also useful. Differently it behaves when a piece of clothing with adhesive is dirty. Although it is so that the adhesive residue from the piece of clothing no longer removed, the auxiliary means, which are required for cleaning, are dependent on the nature and composition of the adhesive itself but only in the rarest of cases. When the glue is still wet, cold or lukewarm water can already to prevent the worst, if it’s generally water-soluble or some solvent-free adhesives. In most cases, Nitro thinners, acetone or ethyl acetate helps still moist and already dried glue. In some cases is even lighter fluid or turpentine substitute. Synthetic fabrics should be kept out of because of the fire danger, however. Exception of the popular adhesives is the hot-melt Adhesive, which is used in conjunction with glue guns. This can be removed in the same manner as candle wax, namely using blotting paper and iron. Only the nature of the substances concerned should be noted again here, because many fibers to withstand high ironing temperatures. Who wants to go to play it safe, leaves the chewing gum and glue stain removal experts. In Bonn is the ideal address for everyday laundry needs, special occasions, and also for minor and major mishaps de Waschkusch.