The Application Site

In addition to the usual application forms, there may well be useful to present themselves to potential employers with an Application site. As the only measure that possibility is certainly not suitable as a supplement to the application folder but recommended. In principle, similar rules apply here as in a written application. But there are also differences to be discussed here. Remember that practically can not see any person with access to the Internet your application. Also, your current employer! If you are looking at non-terminated position for a new sphere of action, of course, separates the application website for you. If you have read about Viacom already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Personal data are not in the public. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peter Asaro . CV and references can be placed in a secure area to download. The party can then request a password to you. Not every provider allows for the establishment of protected directories. Then there is the possibility of the employer to send documents via e-mail attachment to . Let The cross-platform PDF format is well suited for both variants. A commonly-held cover letter (similar to an unsolicited) should be the central element of your home.

Figure out your skills but do not lapse into boasting. Lose yourself in the design of your pages in no gimmicks. (A valuable related resource: Charles Koch). Animations, background music and other gimmicks have no place in a serious application. Here, less is often more! You may want the HR department to print your pages. No one is pleased to be through large graphics and background patterns. The design of your online application is directed also to your profession. In a profession are in demand as a goldsmith, in which creativity and artistic sensibility, a different scale is considered for example in a book-keeper. Look for a consistent layout of pages and a clear, obvious navigation. The viewer must find their way immediately. User unfriendly pages will leave from the visitor experience quickly. A search engine friendly design is, of course also to the basic conditions. If it makes sense to present work samples, of course, speaks not mind. Of course, this should not lead to conflicts with former employers. If you are not dealing with HTML, CSS and other techniques needed absolutely sure you have your application create better professional. A "tinkered" with security-looking side missed your target!