The Bat

When rebranding had been very complicated to be transferred as Outlook and then synchronized with the new software on the old software data. Equally complicated is the comparison on the memory card. If this differs, but also with the new phone also has to be worked awkward with a card reader. The ever-increasing data volume and importance it is advisable to secure the data regularly on the PC. Mobile Master is a mobile phone management program for Windows. It synchronizes with a few mouse clicks all Contact and calendar data from mobile phone to the PC and supports the connection via cable, infrared and Bluetooth. The program synchronizes with Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, Thunderbird, Outlook, Novell, Endora, The Bat, Outlook Express and other email clients with numerous options and filters, far more than the manufacturer of the equipment supplied tools.

The mobile data will be processed by the Mobile Master the so-called off-line mode, not even with a connected mobile phone. At the next synchronization process, the changes are applied automatically by the phone. Continue to move, copy or delete any of the built-in file manager in the software files on the phone. Important because multiple profiles can be managed, even one application of several mobile phones simultaneously. With a file browser, the user has access to the contents of your phone can copy and synchronize data between your phone and PC or. – The units are searched independently and found reliable. The important thing with Mobile Master, the data of multiple users Mobile phones from different manufacturers manage a user interface. As devices including Apple iPod, and almost all popular mobile phones from Nokia, Siemens, LG, Samsung, Sony-Ericcson, Motorola, etc.

are supported. Bundling is the ideal product for the mobile user is mobile kit. Mobile Radio charger kit includes the patented Mobil-Pit and the ultimate software tool Mobile Master. Mobil-Pit is the ideal storage with loading facilities for your phone. Now you always know where to find phone and charger. Mobile Pit fits all common mobile phones and their original plug-in chargers. The phone is always clean and tidy at the same place. With Mobile Pit your phone is always charged and ready, even while charging, the display provides an ideal angle for reading.