The Concept

The academic institution makes a species of inventory of workmanships to be chores and, clearly, this assumes the exclusion of others. They are these facts that we can lead in consideration not to be reproductive of this type of action, we must leave that the proper pupil perceives the important importance and the characteristic of literature. Therefore literature says we, of us, the humanity. Literature, places to the reach of the reader the possibility to reflect on itself, to read themselves and to know themselves, therefore, in the measure where it deals with the fidgets human beings and it describes what it has of deeper and obscure in the soul human being in its universality, he is also me, you and we who it says in them. In other words, literature contributes so that let us know better and more deeply sort human e, thus, stops knowing in them we ourselves and humanizarmos in them.

In this context we present this activity believing that the literature education can be developed of critical and independent form for the pupil, it will be able to contribute and to participate in the construction of the concept of Literature. 1- ACTIVITY OF LITERATURE 1.1CONSTRUINDO a CONCEPT FOR LITERATURE For the development of the activity we consider some objectives to direct the activity as: To provide to the pupils reading of varied types of texts; To observe characteristics of a considered text literature; To differentiate a literary text of the not literary one; To construct a concept for Literature. The work presents some points that will have to be followed for one better systematization 1o moment: At this first moment the pupil will have access to the concept literature standard. The group will be divided in two teams and to each team she will be delivers a dictionary (standard). Each team will write the concept of Literature in a sheet of paper and will keep for one another moment (a comparison will be made enters the concepts in the end of the lesson) Time: 3 minutes for introduction of the lesson.