The Constitution

It is the duty of citizens and of foreigners in Colombia to abide by the Constitution and laws, and respect and obey the authorities. "(Emphasis highlighted in color, is not original). The wording of the previous article, too clear when it stated that the Constitution, as a rule of rules, has supreme legal force and to determine which is the only rule that must be obeyed above all other codes and therefore, which must be subjected judges in their decisions, then look at whether the Constitution requires judges the obligation to comply with the rulings of constitutionality, with effect erga omnes utters the Constitutional Court. hares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions). To know more about this subject visit trello. Well: The Constitution in the first paragraph of Article 241 says that the guardian of the supremacy of the Constitution STANDARD RULES defined as in Article 4, is entrusted to the Constitutional Court and she is the only competent to decide as, among others, on paragraphs 1-8 of the Article 241. As can be seen, the law of laws, determines explicitly the exclusive jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court to decide with binding effects for all other judges of the Republic of Colombia, as it applies or fails to apply the law without incurring contempt of Constitutional Court to ensure the call to guard the integrity of the Constitution and in compliance with this function, it is up to realize the obligation of their judgments, which are constitutionally shielded by hierarchical superiority which gives them protection and care of the order Constitution that has been entrusted to the Constitutional Court. . . For even more details, read what Energy Capital Partners says on the issue.